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Paying with cryptocurrencies: when will they spread?

Cryptocurrencies  are much more than a fad. Nowadays, more and more people are talking about Bitcoin and other very popular currencies. In addition, there are platforms that help us to operate with them in a simple way, such as  bitIq.org . Regarding this world there is a lot of information, many curious facts and many tips to make this activity a success. But there are also many doubts. For example,  when will it be common to pay with cryptocurrenciesWe tell you what the latest reports say.

paying with cryptocurrencies, an activity that will be common in 2024

It may seem that, in some fields, cryptocurrencies are just a form of investment, a buying and selling of virtual currencies. But this is not like that at all. In fact,  certain American companies are already preparing to accept digital payments with cryptocurrencies .

In fact, there is a study carried out by  Deloitte , in collaboration with  PayPal , that supports the theory that  paying with cryptocurrencies will be popular in 2024 . Cryptocurrencies already have more than 200 million users worldwide, a figure that continues to rise. Thanks to these digital assets,  it is already possible to pay with cryptocurrencies , but its true expansion still needs a little more time.

best cryptocurrencies

Does it seem like a very long term thing? No way. In just two years, according to this study, we will experience a real explosion of payments with cryptocurrencies. And it is that these digital currencies are the future  and show an optimistic panorama, in which the world is going to change again. Again.

This is how payments have evolved beyond cash

The world evolves at a forced march and an example is found, for example, in the issue of payments. In fact, if in the past cash was the only (or almost the only) payment method, it now accounts  for less than 40% of the transactions carried out . And this figure is getting lower and lower. And it is that if  debit or credit cards have become popular to the extent that we all already carry one in our pocket, to this we must now add payments by  Bizum or PayPal and now, in addition, payments with cryptocurrencies, among others.

In fact, some governments even support the fact of paying with cryptocurrencies. An example is found in the  Basic Law for Management and Economic and Fiscal Reform 2022 , which includes, among others, measures that seek to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies. This law has been approved by the Government of Japan and its objective is to promote cryptocurrencies and move towards an Internet with greater decentralization.

Investing in cryptocurrencies still raises many questions. Therefore, it is important to walk hand in hand with a platform that makes the process easier for us. In addition, training is also very important to invest wisely and know which are the best trades at all times.

And you, have you already bought cryptocurrencies? Can you imagine paying with them anywhere and at any time and using these digital assets in your day-to-day life?

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