OVHcloud bets on Quandela quantum computing

ovhcloud apuesta por el ecosistema de la computacion cuantica de quandela.jpg
ovhcloud apuesta por el ecosistema de la computacion cuantica de quandela.jpg

The recognized European cloud leader," target="_blank" rel="noopener">OVHcloud, has decided to buy his first quantum computer, thus demonstrating its inclination for this emerging ecosystem. The model chosen by the company has been that of the French company quandela, a computer that boasts a photonic processor. In this way, OVHcloud seeks to equip its researchers with state-of-the-art tools and thus nurture its experimental field. Said quantum computer comes to join the emulators in the as-a-service model with Perceval also from quandela.

Similarly, with this initiative, OVHcloud clearly shows its support for experimentation in the field of quantum computing. It must be remembered that the cloud leader is a member and co-founder of French Quantum Conference and, of course, its Startup Program.

To illustrate the above, it is enough to point out what was expressed by Miroslaw Klaba, Director of R&D at OVEHcloud:

“With this new acquisition. OVHcloud becomes the first European cloud service provider with a quantum system based on a photonic processor. What can better represent our mission to innovate for freedom than the advancement of quantum computing?

OVHcloud and Quandela, a combination to scale the cloud

Speaking a bit about Quandela, it must be said that this company was the first European startup to connect a quantum computer to the public cloud. Public was also the thanks given by Quandela for the trust shown by OVHcloud in the purchase of said computer. They also explained in the same statement in the voice of Valerian Giez, CEO and founder of the provider, that this first version will offer a computing power of 2 qubits which will be easily scalable thanks to its modular approach.

Quandela prometheus 2

Seen in this way, OVHcloud projects itself into the future to try to improve a present that currently places it as the European cloud leader and as one of the most important in the world. In numbers, this can be explained with its 450,000 servers in its 33 data centers spread over 4 continents, which translates into 1.6 million users or customers in 140 countries.

Now, this new ambitious project that includes the quantum computing ecosystem will surely mark a before and after for OVHcloud, the undisputed European cloud leader.