Oukitel S68 Pro, we analyze a simple and inexpensive smartband

Gizlogic Oukitel S68 Pro 1.jpg
Gizlogic Oukitel S68 Pro 1.jpg

Today we bring you to Gizlogic the unboxing and analysis of the smartband Oukitel S68 Pro, a wearable that you will like if you are sports fans.

If you follow us regularly, you will already know that Oukitel is a Chinese company that usually makes quite interesting smartphones as far as battery is concerned, since at the moment it has launched the odd brown beast as we could see in the analysis we made of Oukitel K10000 Pro.

Although this brand is more focused on smartphones than wearables, it has also marketed several wearables, among which is the protagonist of today’s analysis.

Unboxing of the Oukitel S68 Pro

As you can imagine, the unboxing of this product is not that it is too extensive. Its box is from typical orange color to which he has us accustomed Oukitel. Is a hard box and not too big.

On the front we see the name of the company in silver and on the back a sticker that tells us the specifications of the device inside (both in Chinese and English) and the typical production stamps.

Oukitel S68 Pro

Oukitel S68 Pro case

Once we open it, we find the Oukitel S68 Pro embedded in a poor quality and quite fragile white plastic. Next to it, a compartment that hides a micro USB cable and a clamp with which we will charge the smartband.

Contents of the Oukitel S68 Pro box

  • Oukitel S68 Pro
  • Micro USB cable
  • Charging clamp (adapter)
Oukitel S68 Pro

Box contents

Oukitel S68 Pro physical description

This wearable is completely made of metal with what you can be calm when it comes to resistance. It is discreet and adapts well to the wrist thanks to its measurements of 33mm x 21.5mm x 1.3mm and 56 grams.

In the front we only have the screen, which lacks any button. Its posterior area lets us see a three-point heart rate sensor and the four charging pins with which we will give life to the device.

Oukitel S68 Pro

Front and rear of the Oukitel S68 Pro

Although this smartband can be purchased with a silicone strapwill usually come with a grid type belt or mesh which I personally liked a lot. It has dimensions of 238mm x 18mm and uses a magnet as closure powerful enough that we can fix it to our wrist without any problem.

Oukitel S68 Pro

Mesh strap with magnet

How does it have a own anchoring system, the straps that we can use with this wearable they can only be the specific ones For him, it may be a problem for many if you like to combine wearables with clothing.

Oukitel S68 Pro

Strap anchor

Oukitel S68 Pro, a racing companion

He Oukitel S68 Pro has a 0.96-inch rectangular OLED screen. As we do not have any physical button, we will perform all functions with touch taps or swipes.

Oukitel S68 Pro

Inside it incorporates a chip NRF51822 with which we will enjoy connection bluetooth 4.0. In theory and thanks to his IP65 is resistant to sweat, splashes, fine rain and dust, although I personally do not recommend that you touch the water in any case.

At the rear is the three point heart rate reader that will help us in the control of our potato so that it does not run out of control and we end up asking for soups …

It has a battery of 60 mAh what gives us a autonomy of days on standby and it depends on the use that we give it as it happens in all devices of the style, it will decrease considerably. We will load it thanks to your cclip-on charger and a micro USB cable.

It is compatible with both iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 or higher so you can pair it with almost any phone you have. Simply by making the gesture of seeing the time, the screen will light up and show it to us.

Oukitel S68 Pro Specifications

Oukitel S68 Pro
Dimensions 33mm x 21.5mm x 1.3mm
Weight 56 grams
Colors Black, silver and rose gold
Belt Materials Silicone or stainless steel
Certification IP65 (splash, sweat and dust)
OS Owner
screen 0.96 inch OLED
CPU NRF51822 chip
Storage memory 256KB
Camera No
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Drums 60 mAh
Languages Spanish, among others
Compatibility Android 4.4 (or higher) / iOS 9.0 (or higher)
Sensors Pedometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Gravity Sensor
Principal functions Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Sleep monitor, Remote camera, Call reminder, Message reminder, Alarm

Oukitel S68 Pro Features

  • Pedometer

Oukitel S68 Pro

Essential function in a smartband that will help us keep track of the steps taken, km traveled and the amount of calories we spend.

  • Sedentary reminder

It will warn us if we have been unemployed for too long depends on the programmed walls

  • Heart rate monitor

Oukitel S68 Pro

Within this option we will be able to see the beat of our heart to know our blood pressure or the percentage of oxygen in the blood.

  • Alarm

We can set an alarm to notify us at any time

  • Sleep monitor

Oukitel S68 Pro

With this option we can monitor our sleep hours and thus improve our quality of rest.

  • Search

We can find our smartband by activating the search engine from our smartphone.

With the application that we must install on our phone, we can have a total control of all the parameters that this smartband gives us. The application in question is called “Fundobracelet” and you can find it in both the Google and Apple stores.

Oukitel S68 Pro

Application with which we will pair our smartphone

Availability and price of the Oukitel S68 Pro

Oukitel S68 Pro

It is clear that this wearable is a device for people who want to use it for sports and who does not want to spend too much money on a smartwatch or high-top smartband. What it offers is more than enough to go running and keep track of our daily activity at a price for all pockets.

You can get a S68 Pro in the well-known Gearbest.

  • Design
  • materials

  • Strap anchor
  • Not being able to use standard straps

7.7 Total score