OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate, a perfect 2000W charging station

oukitel p2001 ultimate.jpg
oukitel p2001 ultimate.jpg

oukitel is a manufacturer of Chinese origin that has already stood out on multiple occasions for its design of mobile devices with a above average battery capacity and without exaggerating their prices. That is why it is not surprising that it also ventures into the world of charging stations and its model OUKITEL p2001 Ultimate seems to be his perfect creation.

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate is a high-end charging station that allows access to a total of 2000w of capacity to power household appliances and heavy-duty tools for more than a day, in addition to recharging current technological devices multiple times when traveling and camping away from home.

Features of OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate
Dimensions 15.5″ x 11″ x 13″
Weight 22kg
Colors Gray
Screen Yes, LCD
Battery Type LiFePo4
Ability 2000Wh
Recommended use temperature 0 to 40°C
output connections 3 x AC: 4000W Maximum (220-240V)
2 x USB-A: 5V/2.4A
2 x USB-A: QC3.0-18W
2 x USB-C: PD-10OW
1 x XT60: 12V/10A
2 x Output: 12V/3A
1 x Cigar Lighter: 12V/10A
input connections Super charge: AC 100V-120V/50Hz 10A
Solar charging: 500W maximum, 12V-48V/15A
Adapter charging: 12V-48V/15A, Maximum 500W
Car charging and car battery: 12V/8A; 24V/10A
Accessories 1 x Oukitel Battery, 1 x User Manual
Official site oukitel

A robust team for different scenarios

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate is the choice for users in the west

As can be seen in the product images, a fairly robust rectangular structure has been chosen that reaches official dimensions of 39.4 x 27.9 x 33 cm and a total weight of 22 kilogramsso it is clear that it is not exactly easy or comfortable to move it regularly but at least it is small enough to be able to store it in the trunk of the car when traveling.

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate It has a pair of handles on its front face that can be “hidden” when it is not necessary to use it and logically help to lift it without making additional physical effort. Also on its front it is necessary to highlight the presence of an LED panel that shows information on the charge of devices and remaining battery at all timesand there is even a flashlight to illuminate the environment in moments of lack of electricity or when camping overnight.

Charge for 13 different devices

As stated above, 2000W available power (4000W overload) allows powering almost any electrical device that one imagines. In total there are 13 ports that can be used simultaneously and they are distributed in three 220-240W AC outlets, one 12V/10A cigarette lighter for car powered devices, one 12V/10A XT60 outlet; two DC5521 12V/3A outputs, two USB type-C outputs with support for PD-100W fast charging, two USB-A QC3.0-18W and finally 2 x 5V/2.4A USB type-A.

The final result indicates that this model can recharge a Macbook Air 36 times, up to 180 times a conventional smartphone or power the refrigerator for 10 to 23 hours, the hair dryer for almost two hours straight, and so on. The integrated LiFePo4 battery also promises more than 3,500 life cycles.

Finally, At the time of your recharge, there are four ways to recover 100% of your capacity in a waiting time reduced to approximately two hours. Either through a 500W solar generator, a power outlet of up to 1100W, a 120W/240W car port and or a 10A/1000W fast charging input.

Differences with OUKITEL P2001

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate

OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate can be recharged in different ways

If everything indicated is too reminiscent of what is mentioned in the standard OUKITEL P2001 model, it is that there are not many differences to note between the two. The truth is They not only look identical in design, but offer the same kind of performance with a 2000W capacity. to give a similar autonomy with the same devices.

However the OUKITEL P2001 has an advantage in its favor by including more available ports with up to six power outlets instead of the three present in the Ultimate model. Yes, this model is limited to support for 110V voltage which logically removes compatibility with electrical appliance standards in most western countries.

Availability and price of OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate

For buy the OUKITEL P2001 Ultimate it is possible to do it through Geekbuying at a discount price for a limited time and with international shipping. If you want to opt for the standard model, it is also possible to purchase it today through the same Geekbuying store.

  • Includes LED light for night use
  • Great loading and feeding capacity
  • Up to 13 output ports and four charging options
  • Model compatible with 220V voltage
  • It differs very little from the standard model and can cause confusion
  • It is quite heavy and robust equipment
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