Oppo patents a smart ring that could be the next trend

oppo patenta un anillo inteligente que podria ser la siguiente tendencia 2.jpg
oppo patenta un anillo inteligente que podria ser la siguiente tendencia 2.jpg

One of the largest manufacturers of smartphones and wearables in China is working on what could be the next trend in the latter market; This is Oppo, who has just patented what appears to be a smart ring, whose exact function is unknown, but which could be a companion device for the smart glasses of this same company.

Going into details, this information comes from an inmate who leaked a document from QCC China database, in which Oppo registered the patent itself.

What is this supposed Oppo smart ring for?

Well, the patent information doesn’t really reveal much about the device itself; But looking at the competition in this niche of the wearables market, we can get an idea of ​​what it would do. In this sense, you could count on sleep monitoring, step measurement and physical activity functions, as well as notifications by vibration.

It doesn’t sound like something particularly groundbreaking or that we can’t currently do with our band or smartwatch, but for being the size of a ring it’s a remarkable thing.

Oppo smart ring - Patent

However, the most interesting thing about the hypothetical Oppo ring would be its integration with the smart glasses launched by the company a week ago. Well you see, patent documents list the ring as an accessoryNot as a totally standalone electronic product, which is curious to say the least.

However, there is no information yet that delves into these details, so we will refrain from speculating on this. This also applies to the other specifications of the device, which are not mentioned anywhere in the document.

Be that as it may, there is little competition in this market space, so Oppo has the perfect opportunity to break into the niche and maybe mark the next one on wearables.

Via | Gizmochina