OnePlus Nord Watch, this would be the design of the new smart watch

oneplus nord watch, this would be the design of the new smart watch
oneplus nord watch, this would be the design of the new smart watch">oneplus has been successful enough in the world of mobile devices to dare to try other technological fields and logically wearables were its next test. In 2021, its first proposal could be met with mixed results, so now it will be the turn of a new alternative called OnePlus Nord Watch.

OnePlus Nord watch has not yet been officially announced, but there are already some leaks in this regard that allow us to know what its general design would be as well as some of its features that will be present. It is believed that his presentation could come from the OnePlus 10T phone during this week, but it is not yet certain.

OnePlus Nord Watch goes to the rectangular format

OnePlus Nord Watch

OnePlus Nord Watch is already listed before its announcement

If you take into account what was seen in the first OnePlus Watch and its elegant design with a circular format, this time the images with which the renowned technology news leaker Mukul Sharma has been made allow us to observe a general style with a rectangular screen in black for all its surface and frames.

Unfortunately, the leaked images do not focus on the design but on its general interface, so the clock can only be seen in miniature, as well as a variety of main screen spheres to choose from that also have a rectangular shape. A dedicated App N Health for measuring health parameters is also shown.

Finally, it is believed that the OnePlus Nord Watch will be a more affordable alternative , as has already been seen in the new phones that bear the Nord name, although it will not forget to add a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen meter and others. characteristics related to exercise measurement.

It is worth remembering that the first OnePlus watch had good reviews in terms of design materials and battery performance or connectivity stability, but the lack of a WearOS operating system had a negative impact on the absence of popular applications available. Hopefully this time a better job has been done on that.