OneOdio Monitor 60, we tested these professional wired headphones

oneodio monitor 60.jpg
oneodio monitor 60.jpg

The OneOdio Monitor 60 They are a product designed for the audiophile and the DJ. Some high-end headphones professional that, as happened with his relative OneOdio Monitor 80we have received courtesy of the manufacturer to know its characteristics and share the experience of use with you, the readers of the Web. We appreciate the trust shown once again by the brand by giving us its product, and we invite you to discover what this wonderful reference of OneHate.

Presentation, design and construction of the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones

The model Monitor 60from OneHaterefers to one of the headphones plus versatile within the catalog of the aforementioned company, specialized in audio devices. A product recommended by the manufacturer itself for use in study, professional DJsand , of course, users music lovers. In short, an accessory great for listening to music.

OneOdio Monitor 60

The Professional Monitor 60 Headphones from OneOdio

product packaging

The OneOdio Monitor 60 show off their status with a box that looks premium. On an aesthetic level, the packaging is impeccable, as is the quality of the finish on the box. OneHate It has taken care so that, in addition to delivering the product in perfect condition, the experience with the device begins even before opening the packaging.

OneOdio Monitor 60

The OneOdio Monitor 60 have a premium presentation as required by a professional class product

The choice of black color is most elegant, although it also tends to capture all traces. A partial product image dominates the front of the package, reserving the reverse for displaying device specifications.

OneOdio Monitor 60

On the back of the box the technical details of the product in English

When removing the cover, a cover with silver texts welcomes us inside. A fabric bow helps to remove this decorative element, revealing a small box where the cables are collected and a bag where the earphone is hidden.

OneOdio Monitor 60

By removing the lid of the box, the presentation maintains the appearance of high quality

Product content and design

The headphones OneOdio Monitor 60 they are folded inside the elegant bag, included to always have them protected and transport them safely. In addition to these elements, we have a set of three cables auxiliaries, to adapt the connection that best suits us at each moment or use; and one mini guidewhich summarizes the keys of the peripheral.

OneOdio Monitor 60

Schematic user guide and synthetic leather bag to store the product

OneOdio Monitor 60

Three different cables to cover various connection options

Appearance of the Monitor 60 Professional Headphones

These headphones from OneHate are presented with a recognizable headphone design circumauralclosed type. They completely cover the ears, and the helmets are joined together by a diadem extensible. It is a device with advanced ergonomics, which even allows us to fold the domes, so that we can compact the device when not in use. The Monitor 60 has a color Matt blackwith silver details and imitation of a vinyl disc on the external face of the domes.

OneOdio Monitor 60

folding design

Among the materials used stands out the comfortable and cozy memory foam pads coated with Synthetic leather. They fully collect the ears, muffling the noise around us quite a bit. Note that it is a reasonably light product, it weighs about 240 grams, which makes it possible to use it for hours without causing fatigue. The fit of these headphones is very comfortablehelped by the foam that covers the diadem and the flexibility of the domes themselves with the capacity to turn Y swinging.

OneOdio Monitor 60

Brilliant appearance and great ergonomics


This is a model of OneHate which works with wire. The advantage, in his case, is that the manufacturer has opted for a connection system removable, which does not tie the product to a cumbersome rope. In addition, it gives you more flexibilitysince you can choose between connecting a plug of 3.5mm or of 6.35mm.

OneOdio Monitor 60

3.5 mm jack input on the right dome and 6.35 mm jack on the left

Monitor 60 Professional Headphones Features

The headphone Monitor 60 It is a device that simplifies the enjoyment of the passion for music. It doesn’t even have buttons. To enjoy its qualities, simply attach one of the cables included with the product and plug it into our audio source, be it a mixing tablean television or the computerto give some examples.

Sound quality

The great argument of the product, facing the users, is the Hi-Res Audio it offers. The key to this is some fantastic controllers. neodymium from 50mm. They give us a powerful soundwith a maximum output of 1,600mW. More than enough to generate a rich sound spectrum, with good bass and clear contrasts.

OneOdio Monitor 60

50mm neodymium drivers

No note escapes its frequency range. 20Hz to 40Khzin a product with a sensitivity of 110dB and impedance of 38 Ohm. In the case of having a dedicated amplifier, the experience becomes extraordinary.

extra qualities

At the level of added technologies, this is an old school product. That is, it does not have any additives. However, this does not detract from some small detail such as the shared port. The pair of connectors can be used to listen to music from one audio source on two headphones simultaneously. And one of the included cables has integrated microphoneideal for expanding the usefulness of the device connected to computers, consoles either mobiles.

OneOdio Monitor 60

Having two connectors can share an audio source

Technical specifications of the OneOdio Monitor 60 headphones

Below we leave you a summary table with all the technical details of the OneOdio Monitor 60:

OneOdio Monitor 60
Physical characteristics of the headphones
Design Headband / Circumaural Closed / Foldable
controls None
Indicators None
  • 20x20x10cm
  • Pads:
    • External diameter: 100mm approx.
    • Ear cavity: 55mm approx.
Weight 240 grams approx.
Colour Black
Materials Plastic, synthetic leather, foam and metal
  • adjustable headband
  • Domes:
    • spin and roll
Headphone connectivity
  • 6.35mm jack
  • 3.5mm jack
Headphone Specifications
Controller 50mm neodymium
Frequency response 20Hz to 40,000Hz
Impedance 38 Ohm
Sensitivity 110dB ±3
sound insulation film PET
maximum output power 1,600mW
Box contents
  • Headphones
  • AUX wires:
    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm (3 meters)
    • 6.35mm to 3.5mm coiled (1.5 to 3 meters)
    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm with microphone (1.2 meters)
  • Leatherette bag to store the headphones
  • User manual

Conclusions, availability and price of the OneOdio Monitor 60

OneOdio Monitor 60

The Monitor 60 offer a high level sound experience

The headphones Monitor 60 from OneHate They do not disappoint, fulfilling what they promise. The sound that we have enjoyed these days with the product is at a Upper levelcompared to the market average. It is a perfect product for lovers of good audiowhich also lends itself to many uses, beyond the primary focus for DJ’s. In the manufacturer’s official store they can be purchased with a 20% discount with the promotional code: SUPER20%.

The great sound quality offered by the headphones OneOdio Monitor 60 they deserve the Golden Giz Award.

Gizlogic Awards GOLD

  • Pro sound quality.
  • Ergonomics and comfort.

  • Analog connection only.
  • Excessively free rotation of the domes.
Total score