Nothing Phone 1, a smartphone like none seen before

nothing phone 1 destacada.jpg
nothing phone 1 destacada.jpg

The nothing phone 1 It is a device that we have all heard of and that has been waiting for a long time, revealing information about itself at a drop count to generate hype and interest on the Internet. This is the first phone from his company, Nothing, founded by Carl Pei, Co-founder of OnePlus. And with that portfolio it is natural that expectations have been through the roof, and now that the smoke has cleared, it is time to carefully investigate its offer to determine if it is really worth it or, on the contrary, it is a phone more than seeks to sell us smoke.

Nothing Phone Features (1)

Official site
Dimensions 159.2 x 75.8 x 8.3mm
Weight 193.5 grams
Colors Black White
Technologies / Bands 5G, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G GSM
SIM type Nano SIM
screen technology OLED
Dimension 6.55 inches
Resolution Full HD+ (2400 x 1080), 120Hz
multitouch Yes
Processor Snapdragon 778G+
RAM 8/12GB
Ability 128/256 GB UFS 3.1
SD slot Not
Version NothingOS
main chamber 50MP Sony IMX 766 + 50MP Samsung JN1
secondary chamber Sony IMX471 16MP
Maker sony
Ability 4500mAh
Fast charge Yes, 33W
loading port Type C
Headphones With type C adapter
Wifi yes, 6
bluetooth yes, 5.2
nfc Yes
Spanish Language Yes
Box contents Telephone, Power adapter, USB cable, Instructions and guarantees

The Nothing Phone 1 exhibits a unique design language

The Nothing Phone 1 is a mobile that focuses mainly on its design to stand out from the competition, displaying a futuristic aesthetic that is characterized by the “Glyph interface”that is to say, those LED strips that it has on its back and that serve as a notification system, or at least that’s what the theory says.

Going into details, even though the Nothing Phone 1 seeks to stand out for its design, this one is shaped like an iPhone, and we mean that as a compliment, as it means it has a sleek silhouette and a comfortable grip. The body has thin aluminum side frames curved at the corners, with the antennas strategically positioned along these.

Nothing Phone 1

That said, the terminal is not as resistant to the elements as other alternatives on the market, reaching a IP53 certification, which means that it is not made to get wet in the slightest. If it’s any consolation, the mobile is made of 100% recycled aluminum and plasticso it is as sustainable as it is possible to manufacture it.

It should also be noted that the terminal exists only in two color presentations: black and white. Nevertheless, in both cases the LED lights are white and the latter cannot be changed in any way.

Glyph Interface

The rear is where the meat and dads of this device are obviously. In this sense, it has transparent Corning Gorilla Glass glass cover which gives us a look at one or another internal component of the mobile, such as the charging coil and camera module, but nothing particularly interesting. What really stands out are the LED strip lights. spread across the surface in glyph shapesand hence the name.

Here we can see one in the form of an exclamation point at the bottom, which lights up to indicate that the mobile is charging. Higher up is a large semi-circle that flashes when there are incoming calls. Around the chambers we also find an oval and on the far right a diagonal line.

Nothing Phone 1 - Design

Apart from looking fancy, these lights serve a purpose, which is to blink to notify the user of various things. They can even be configured to follow the rhythm of the music or form a specific pattern when contacted by a specific person.

In theory this sounds quite useful, but in practice not so much, I don’t know about you, but many of us prefer to place our mobile face up and take advantage of the Always on Display function to take a quick look at notifications, it is easier than having to remember What does each glyph mean? The same way, you have to get used to turning it upside down to be able to take advantage of this functionAnd that won’t sit well with everyone.

Nothing Phone 1 - Glyph Interface

So, in short, the Glyph Interface is nothing more than a flashy trickalthough yes, it looks pretty cool and no one can deny that.


The screen of this mobile is excellent and has nothing to envy to the best mid-range mobiles on the current market. This one has a 6.55-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling, and support for HDR10+. In short, it’s an excellent screen that even has a built-in fingerprint reader, and it’s pretty fast and accurate.

Nothing Phone 1 - Display

There are no complaints here, except for the fact that the audio quality of the speakers is mediocre for a terminal in this range. It’s supposed to be stereo sound, but if we block the bottom speaker with a finger, we can say goodbye to most of the audio.

Performance and features

The Nothing Phone (1) is a mid-range terminal whose price is around 400-500 euros, and in terms of hardware performance, it behaves as one would expect from the best mid-range in this price range. Going into details, the terminal is driven by the chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 778Gwhich can be backed by 8GB or 12GB of RAM, with either a minimum of 128GB or a maximum of 256GB.

Nothing Phone 1 - Features

With that in mind, can with any application or game designed for the Android platform and offers a smooth experience, but it is not immune to frame drops in very demanding games or occasional slowdowns.

Be that as it may, the operating system it has, baptized NothingOS is practically Android 12 Stock (or 13, depending on when you buy it). There’s no bloatware in sight and the manufacturer has tweaked just a couple of apps to match the dot-matrix aesthetic this smartphone handles. It also offers an app to control the LED lights on the back and the occasional custom animation or widget for Android, but nothing peculiarly infringing on the default Android experience. Best of all, the manufacturer promises 3 years of updates for the Android version.

Operating system

In another order of ideas, the battery is 4,500mAh and can last just over a day with ease. LED lights consume little battery, so we can afford to have them always active, which is not the idea. It has a charge of only 33W, so it takes more than 1 hour to fully charge. Additionally, it supports reverse charging, but it is only 5W.


In the photographic section it has a 50MP + 50MP main cameraas well as a 16MP front camera with a Sony IMX741 sensor.


As with performance, the photographic quality doesn’t disappoint, but it doesn’t impress either, so it’s totally acceptable, especially for a mobile that costs no more than 500 euros. This can take great day photos with good sunlight, but at night or in the dark, the story changes, and you can see noise appear and shutter speed drop.

Availability and price of the Nothing Phone 1

In conclusion, the Nothing Phone (1) is a smartphone whose performance does not stand out, but it does not disappoint either, it is on par with the best options from Samsung, Google, Huawei and Xiaomi in this price range, and what really sets it apart from they are their design.

Those interested in the Nothing Phone (1) can purchase it through the always reliable store of PC Componentsbut it can also be found available at Media Markt for a competitive price.

With all that said, the Nothing Phone (1) is a good mid-range with a quirky design, but if you don’t give a damn about aesthetics and prefer a device from the same range that places more emphasis on performance and cameras, you might like it. like him more OnePlus North 2T.


  • Unique design with Glyph interface
  • Good performance and price
  • Android practically Stock with 3 years of updates


  • Glyph interface is only exploited upside down
  • Speaker quality is below average
  • Unsurprising photo quality

Total score






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