No.1 DT94, elegant watch with phone calls from the wrist

no.1 dt94 foto destacada.jpg
no.1 dt94 foto destacada.jpg

We already have in our hands, or rather, on our wrist, the new No.1 DT94. The recent smartwatch from DT No.1 that has won us over with its careful design with 3D glass display and lightweight construction. A product that improves some of the features seen in the No.1 DT36 that we analyze in Gizlogic. In this case, we have the Bluetooth phone calls from our wrist, make and answer calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. Prepared for sports activities and with advanced health functions thanks to its rear optical sensor, with continuous heart monitor. We review all the features of the No.1 DT 94 in our review.

Technical characteristics No.1 DT 94

Smartwatch No.1 DT94
Dimensions 44 x 36.5 x 9.7 mm
Weight 40 g
Colors Black, silver, gold
Materials Aluminum alloy, silicone strap
Endurance IP68
Gps No
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Compatibility WearPro App (Android, iOS)
  • Notifications
  • Multisport
  • PPG + EGG
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Pulsometer
  • Alarms
  • Guided breathing
  • Chronometer
  • “Find my mobile” function
  • BT phone call
  • Climate
  • Female health
  • Watchfaces to choose
Sports log
  • Walk
  • To run
  • Cycling
  • Jump rope
  • Basketball
  • Other
Screen 1.78 ”LCD 320 x 385 px
Battery 200 mAh
Autonomy Up to 7 days
Box contents Clock, USB charging cable, manual

Design and materials

This budget smartwatch delivers on what you can expect from the No.1 brand. In other words, an aesthetically attractive product, with interesting functions and at an affordable price. As we see, this No.1 DT 94 It is not the exception to show an elegant design at the same time as modern. Their square design lines with rounded corners It reminds us of other models such as the Amazfit GTS 2. It is available in three colors: silver, black and gold, the one we are analyzing.

No.1 DT94

Elegant device with good finishes

The curved screen favors that smoothness of the contours of which we have spoken, with a correct tactile recognition. Of course, it does not have any type of protective glass. Thanks to its aluminum alloy chassis, the watch feels quality in terms of finishes and does not exceed 40 g in weight. This case is 44mm high and 10mm thick, so it can be quite large on small wrists.

If we look in more detail, the only button it incorporates is on the right side. With it we turn on the device, go back and little else. The button is broken but has no functionality. And on the left side we see the microphone for Bluetooth calls. Turning the watch we discover the magnetic charging pins, the heart sensor and a small speaker.

No.1 DT94

Microphone and speaker for making phone calls

Other features

We cannot get carried away by appearances, although it is an elegant device, it is prepared for sports activities. For this reason, the No.1 DT94 has IP68 certification, so it allows you to immerse yourself in sports activities. On the other hand, it is possible to purchase another edition with a silicone casing for the watch case. With regard to the straps, they are interchangeable and are made of silicone. It has a good number of holes to adapt to any size of wrist.

As we have mentioned, it is possible to make voice calls with hands-free function thanks to the microphone and speaker. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add music to the watch, play music from the smartphone, or activate the voice assistants. Inside it integrates the Realteck 8762CK chip and a 64 MB storage memory, especially for storing dials.

The screen exudes a remarkable quality in its colors and brightness level with a 1.78 inch panel, 320 x 385 pixel resolution and bezel-free. Images are displayed with a good level of sharpness thanks to its 326 dpi. However, other more claimed features such as an integrated GPS or Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, are not present in this model.

Settings and menu of the sports smartwatch

Although the watch gives us access to some basic functions, the real benefit is derived by pairing it with our smartphone. Just download the WearPro app, available on the Play Store and App Store. It will be necessary to create an account and add some personal information about us (age, height, weight, etc.). This app records and stores all daily data in a history, as well as gives access to remote functions such as notifications, photographic trigger or multimedia playback.

No.1 DT94

Smartwatch app

With the clock on, if we slide our finger to the right we enter the notification tray. If we do the same to the left, we enter the daily data recorded when walking, heart rate and sleep analysis. Finally, sliding it down displays quick settings such as brightness level, battery level, settings, among others.

DT94 menu

First screen: phone, calendar, messaging, call history, pedometer, sports activities, heart monitor, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, remote music player, sleep analysis.

Second screen: stopwatch, weather, smartphone locator, meteorology, relaxation, vibrator, women’s health, settings, change the menu.

No.1 DT94

No.1 DT94 Menu

Principal functions

Phone calls. As we already anticipated, the No.1 DT94 gives us the possibility of establishing contact with our agenda thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker. It is necessary to have our watch activated by Bluetooth and thus we enjoy calls with a hands-free function. The clock shows us the caller ID, the duration and a regulation of the volume level. Indoors, the watch offers a good experience with more than fair clarity; and outdoors it depends on the ambient noise we have.

No.1 DT94

Dialing and replying from the smartwatch

Notifications. Remote notifications are displayed for a few seconds on the clock screen and then stored in a tray. Thanks to the app, you can select the notifications of the applications that really interest you. For example, we have received messages from Twitter and WhatsApp, but it is not possible to send audio notes or reply by text.

Sport and health. It incorporates various sports activities with a sample of the data adapted to the different disciplines. For example, it includes walking, running, cycling, basketball, among others. Unfortunately, it does not incorporate a GPS to obtain some training routines. With regard to health functions, you cannot miss all those that take advantage of your sensor (blood pressure, oxygen level, 24-hour heart monitor, etc). Finally, it includes a women’s health function to keep track of your menstrual calendar and reminders.

Battery and autonomy

In the box of the No.1 DT94 we have the magnetic pin charger. An unfortunate load element that has a great facility to disconnect. It would have been much better to go for a wireless charging dock. Your battery with a 200 mAh capacity it does not give the bell either. The manufacturer promises us up to 7 days of autonomy with the continuous heart monitor. However, in our tests, using several of its daily functions, the battery life has remained at 4 days. Obviously, all this depends on several factors, including the level of brightness of the screen.

No.1 DT94

Magnetic charging pins

Availability and price of No.1 DT94

In conclusion, this No.1 DT94 smartwatch is a correct device with a good number of functions and an aesthetic that invites you to buy. The addition of Bluetooth calls is one of its great incentives for not having to take the phone out of your pocket. Unfortunately it does not include GPS for sports activities. We award the Gizlogic Silver Award.

  • Careful design available in various colors
  • Bluetooth calls from the watch
  • Display with good level of brightness for outdoors
  • Built-in microphone and speaker

  • It incorporates a microphone but is not compatible with Google Assistant or Apple Siri
  • No built-in GPS

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Total score