New Pepephone Friend Plan: 1 friend = 1 tree planted

new pepephone friend plan 1 friend 1 tree planted
new pepephone friend plan 1 friend 1 tree planted

Just started a new Pepephone’s Friend Plan which highlights the importance of companies taking care of their policies of sustainability and care with the environment. Thanks to this Plan, for every friend you bring to Pepephone the company will plant a tree.

We summarize below the most important keys of this new project.

Thanks to the new Pepephone Friend Plan, a tree will be planted for each person you bring to the company

The first thing you have to do, when you know which friend you are going to invite, is enter your customer area and copy the link that appears in the section “Who has a friend, has a tree”. Now, your friend will have to register with this code. As soon as your friend has paid his first two bills, Pepephone will plant the tree in honor of your friendship and offer you the possibility to follow up.

All the trees will be planted in alveolus and not in seed, to guarantee their correct growth, in a suitable area of ​​Spain and will be cared for by professionals. You can visit the place where your tree is planted, but they will not tell you exactly what its coordinates are. Of course, three months after planting you will receive a photograph with your tree and its identification card.

The best of all is that in this new Pepephone’s Friend Plan there are no limits, so you can bring as many friends as you want and get a tree for each of them.

The importance of tree planting lies in its benefits for the planet. Trees reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, help reduce global warming, serve as food and shelter for animals, help fertilize the soil and retain rainwater, among many other advantages.