MWC 2022 continues with its face-to-face plans despite the pandemic

mwc 2022 continues with its face to face plans despite the pandemic
mwc 2022 continues with its face to face plans despite the pandemic

Historically, February has always been a very important month in the world of technology thanks to the celebration of the Mobile World Congress. Barcelona was dressing up to host one of the most important events in the world, plans are increasingly in the doldrums since 2020, when the historic decision to cancel MWC 2020 because of a pandemic that was beginning to appear. Now him MWC 2022 hangs by a thread again before the current expansion of Ómicrom.

Will a face-to-face MWC 2022 be held? The GSMA wants it to be like this

In times of pandemic, making plans beyond a couple of days in sight is almost insane. The contagion data goes up and down and it is impossible to predict when we will be on the crest of the wave again. The data this Christmas has not left a very encouraging outlook and the celebration of MWC 2022 is once again in question.

The GSMA has already spoken and said that, If the authorities do not prohibit it, they will hold a face-to-face celebration. For their part, some attending companies have complained about the lack of information and the uncertainty left by the current wave of infections of the Omicrom variant. Is it the best time to hold a closed-door event with thousands of attendees?


For the moment, We can expect a face-to-face MWC 2022 with 1,500 exhibitors arriving from 150 different countries. The last word is held by the Spanish health authorities, but also by the companies themselves, since a massive drop in exhibitors would once again make the holding of this congress pointless.

The precedent, perhaps, we can see at the CES in Las Vegas held last week, which was not attended by big heavyweights, such as Google or Intel.