MundiRetos – European Union, a Quiz-like app to learn about the EU

mundiretos european union, a quiz like app to learn about the eu
mundiretos european union, a quiz like app to learn about the eu

“Play to learn”. This is the basis of the new application MundiRetos – European Union, a type game maybe who uses entertainment as a way to learn more about the world around us. It is now available as free on the App Store, for iPhone and iPad.

How to play MundiRetos – European Union

MundiRetos – European Union includes 972 data from 27 EU countries, which include gastronomy, characters, curiosities, art, economy, history, geography and many more. When opening the application you can choose between two game modes:

  • Play Countries: In this mode, the user will choose the country they want to start the battle of questions. Each question has four possible options, of which only one is correct. When you get it right, the game will continue with more questions, until you fail, at which point a record of correct questions will be set. The player can repeat the same country as many times as he wishes in order to improve his score.
  • Play EU: In this case, the questions in the game will be about the 27 EU countries. The difficulty is set at four levels: base, bronze, silver, and gold. In this case, the wording of the questions will provide information and the user will find four countries among the possible options. As in the previous mode, you can answer questions until you fail, at which point the game will end and a score will be established. To pass each Base, Bronze, Silver and Gold level, you have to hit 4, 10, 20 or 36 data in the same game, respectively.


Now available on the App Store

MundiRetos – European Union is available in Spanish and English, for iPhone and iPad, through the App Store. Both its download and its use are completely free.


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