MR CARVE M1, industrial level laser marking in a compact format

mr carve m1 destacada.jpg
mr carve m1 destacada.jpg

We continue with the theme of laser engraving machines and today we have before us the M.R. carve M1, a model recently arrived on the market that specializes in carving on metals of all kinds and plastic materials. Going into details, this is a device with an infrared pulse laser, which makes it a fiber optic marking machine, which offers industrial-level finishes and has the advantage of an extremely compact format that fits on any desk.

For even more usage possibilities, we recommend checking out the successor to this machine, the DAJA Mr Carve M2which allows you to detach your laser module to give it a handheld use and thus work on large and immovable objects.

Technical specifications of the MR Carve M1


Brand M.R. Carve
Model M1
Guy fiber marking machine
laser power 10W
Entry 100-240V, 50/60Hz
full power Max 300W
marking speed 10000mm/s
marking accuracy max. 0.001mm
marking format 70x70mm
Engraving Line Width Accuracy 0.001-0.05mm
product weight 6.26KG
Size 300x200x320mm
Package content DAJA M1 fiber marking machine, User Manual.
Manufacturer’s official site
Package content MR CARVE M1 fiber marking machine, USB cable, Power cable, Glasses, Ruler, L-shaped locator, 3 x Inner hex keys, 3 x Large focus plates, Small focus plates, User manual.

Laser engraving at your fingertips

The MR Carve M1 is one of those products that condenses the power of a fiber optic marking machine into a small, convenient product that we can have on our desk or workbench at all times.

MR Carve M1 - Appearance

Going into details, this machine measures 300 x 200 x 320mm and weighs only 6 kilograms, breaking the paradigm that all industrial-grade laser engravers must be bulky and heavy. Thanks to this, we can confidently say that the MR Carve M1 is extremely portable and lightweight.

MR Carve M1 - Size Comparison

With that said, the machine has a metal body that sports an industrial finish that doesn’t mince words. Its structure is made up of an engraving base, where we will find buttons to manipulate the laser on the front edge; as well as a pedal socket and USB type B port on the opposite end of it. On this base we will find a Y axis, which supports a laser module composed of a field mirror, infrared focus and also a fan.

East Y axis allows us to adjust the height of the laser to get the perfect focus when recording and that’s a plus no matter where you look.

MR Carve M1 - Design

In another order of ideas, the package is sent disassembled, but that is not a big deal, since the assembly process is very simple and well explained by the manufacturer in the manual. In this order of ideas, it basically consists of attaching the Y axis to the base, fixing it with screws and then placing the laser module on the Y axis, securing it again with a screw; the last step is to simply connect the base to the laser module using a cable.

Laser engraving What can the MR Carve M1 do?

The MR Carve M1 has a laser with power of 2Wwhich on paper does not sound like much, but it is important to make it clear that it is a laser of infrared pulse with a wavelength of 1.064nm, and that is what sets it apart and gives it an advantage over conventional laser engraving and cutting machines.

This type of laser specializes in working with materials such as stainless steel, galvanized metal, plastic, PVC, leather and acrylic with a precision and quality impossible to achieve for common laser engravers without this type of technology. With this type of machine it is not even necessary to paint the surface black beforehand to obtain visible results.

Work materials

However, this comes with a considerably high monetary cost and with a very important limitation, which is that, due to the type of laser used, this machine it cannot engrave effectively on wood and paper. Similarly, it is also not suitable for cutting, so it has a more specific audience than a common laser engraver, and that is something important to take into account when making a purchase decision.

Additionally, we must warn that you may have problems making engravings on curved surfaces.

Laser engraving

With that said, the MR Carve M1 supports a 70 x 70mm engraving area and, according to official data, can operate at a engraving speed up to 10,000mm/s, making it several times faster than a standard laser engraver. As if that were not enough, the manufacturer mentions that the laser is safe and does not hurt human skin in case of brief contact; but that is not something we want to put to the test, in fact, we recommend wearing protective glasses at all times, since they are included with the purchase for a reason.

Connectivity and software

We would like to say that the MR Carve M1 has a mobile app that allows us to control the machine from the comfort of our smartphone, but the truth of the matter is that it does not and the only way to interact with it is by connecting our computer via USB. .

MR Carve M1 - Connectivity

The program designed to operate the M1 can be get via this link and we must say that it at least offers extensive options to adjust the engraving parameters; as well as a quick way to convert our images (including photographs) into an industrial-quality print.

Availability and price of the MR Carve M1

Those interested in this fiber optic marking machine will be able to find it for sale on TomTopas well as in the Geekbuying online store, It has European shipping. As always, we recommend checking both offers before making a decision.


  • Excellent quality of engraving on metals
  • Very compact and easy to transport
  • Very fast when recording


  • Poor performance when engraving on wood and paper
  • No mobile app


Total score