Moma bikes E-ROAD, a classic bike for the city

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moma bikes e road.jpg

The classic bike concept but with an addition of electrical power inside it is being seen every time in the launches of different manufacturers and today it is the turn to highlight one of them with the name of Moma bikes E-ROAD. It is an option that older people will appreciate when it comes to compare performance with competitive price.

Moma Bikes E-Road 28 Pro is a mid-range electric bike which basically responds to the intention of the brand of meet the demands of users in an urban environment. Its conception helps to move quickly and safely throughout the city, without attracting too much attention at first sight.

Features of Moma bikes E-ROAD

Moma bikes E-ROAD
Brand Moma Bikes
Model E-ROAD
Guy Electric bicycle
Available colours Black
wheel size 28 inches
frame materials 6061 aluminum alloy
Folding Nope
Break system Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Engine power 250W
Maximum speed 25km/h
gear system SHIMANO ALTUS 8V
battery capacity Li-ion battery 36V / 10Ah
Autonomy About 80 kilometers (assist mode)
Loading time approximately 4 hours
Supported slopes up to 20º
Supported load 120kg
indicative display Yes, LCD
Lights Nope
Package content 1 x Electric Bike, 1 x Charger, 1 x User Manual

A conservative model for adults

Moma Bikes E-Road 28 Pro

Screenshot of Moma Bikes E-Road 28 Pro

As can be seen in the design images, it is almost possible to not realize that you are dealing with an electric vehicle and think of Moma bikes E-ROAD as a conventional bike from decades past. Only a few cables on its front area as well as an LCD screen present on the center of the handlebar are the elements that stand out from the classic.

Moma bikes E-ROAD It is marketed in black for its entire structure and is designed for use by adults, withstanding up to a maximum weight of 120 kilograms and drawing attention for its larger than average tires, with 28 inches in diameter that ensure a fairly considerable space occupation. Unfortunately, it does not have a folding system like other alternatives on the market.

As stated, the inclusion of an LCD panel mounted in the center of the bike is appreciated to display riding information at all times such as distance traveled (partial or total), speed (current / average / maximum) and also the level of assistance, battery capacity, etc. Where it is conspicuous by its absence is in the lack of LED lights at both endsan element for driving at night that has become a standard in this type of model.

Smooth driving

Moma Bikes E-Road 28 Pro

Moma Bikes E-Road 28 Pro has quality components

The idea of Moma bikes E-ROAD is that the distance that has to be traveled throughout the city does not matter, since the inclusion of a 250W brushless motor power is enough to move at a maximum speed of 25 km/h, while users can choose between four levels of assistance called Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo to exert just enough effort during the journey.

Regarding its battery, it has added a unit in charge of Samsung with a capacity of 36V and 10 Ah promises a range of around 80 kilometers before needing a recharge. Thanks to its removable type design, this simplifies the replacement process in the future as well as helps those who want to have a replacement battery to be able to travel even further without having access to a power outlet.

Other noteworthy elements of this model include a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame increases durability for years of useability to slow down for short distances or stop dead in your tracks thanks to the inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes, and finally a SHIMANO ALTUS 8-speed rear derailleur and a SHIMANO ML-315 actuator.

Comparison with BEHUMAX E-Urban 790

Moma bikes E-ROAD

Moma bikes E-ROAD offers an eight-speed gear system

If you look for similarities with other models in stores, there will be no shortage of examples, since the specifications mentioned above are not out of the ordinary in today’s market. One of them is the BEHUMAX E-Urban 790, an option that allows you to move with similar power and that stands out for its more modern design style (in addition to being marketed in four different colors).

In the case of differences, BEHUMAX E-Urban 790 ends up falling short in some key components, such as its 7.8 Ah capacity battery for a journey of around 50 km before needing a rechargewhile its 20-inch tires will offer a little less stability.

Yes indeed, its choice can be useful for those looking for something more compact, since its folding capacity allows it to be folded completely in half and even the pedals can be “hidden” to save space. It also has in favor the presence of front and rear LED lights for night driving.

Availability and price of Moma Bikes E-Road 28 Pro

For buy the Moma Bikes E-Road can be done from Amazon with international shipping available as well as from PC components for customers in Spain or from MediaMarkt with units in stock nowadays.

  • good tire size
  • Above average battery life
  • Four assist modes available
  • Quality manufacturing materials
  • No folding ability
  • Without front and rear LED lights
Total score