Moma Bikes E-mtb, the ideal Spanish e-bike for the mountains

moma bikes e mtb destacada.jpg
moma bikes e mtb destacada.jpg

The Moma bikes E-mtb is an electric mountain bike from a spanish manufacturer with which we are already quite familiar here at Gizlogic, Moma Bikes, which has excellent electric vehicles in its portfolio and as an example of this we can mention the E-BIKE 20PRO, that meets the needs of urban displacement.

Returning to the main topic, the Moma Bikes E-mtb is a proposal oriented to cycling on mountainous or rustic trails, in short, an off-roader. With that said, we can anticipate that this bike rides on large 29-inch wheels and is powered by a typical 250W motor limited to a speed of 25KM/h, so it perfectly complies with European legislation for this class of vehicles. It is also worth mentioning that the manufacturer promises up to 120KM of autonomy with a single charge of its generous battery and comfortable tours with its double damping system.

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Technical characteristics of the Moma Bikes E-mtb

Brand momabikes
Model E-mtb bikes
Guy electric mountain bike
Dimensions 155 x 87 x 27cm
Weight 28 kilograms
Available colours Gray
wheel size 29 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Yes
Break system hydraulic disc brakes
Engine power 250W 55nm
Maximum speed 25km/h
Gearbox Shimano 24 gear
battery capacity Lithium 48V 13Ah (624Wh), fully integrated and removable
Loading time 4 hours
Autonomy 120km
Package content Electric bike, charger, user manual, tool.



Moma Bikes E-mtb design

To begin with, we can say that the Moma Bikes E-mtb sports a sporty appearance that clearly reflects its purpose. At the center of its structure is a 6061 aluminum frame providing you with performance and comfort.

As can be seen in the images, the frame exhibits a bulge that houses the battery, which, by the way, is removable, something that undoubtedly facilitates the recharging process, since it will not be necessary to bring the bike closer to an outlet. stream. It should be added that a key included with the purchase is required to remove the battery, which reduces the risk of theft.

Moma Bikes E-mtb - Design

It may not be a folding e-bike and it may be a little short when it comes to weight (27 kilograms), but at least we can say with certainty that it is a robust and elegant e-bike, which rides on large 29 x 2.2-inch Kenda brand tires. Combined with the shock absorption system, the bike has everything you need to ride rough and uneven trails efficiently and comfortably.

Moma Bikes E-mtb - Construction

Speaking of comfort, the Moma Bikes E-mtb does not skimp on this aspect and to show a button, it has a ergonomic seat with adjustable heightNot to mention the oversized handlebar with soft grips.

With that said, the left handlebar houses a LCD screen that indicates the current speed, battery status, assistance level and total distance traveled. It also has buttons to switch between these levels of assistance, which are speeds after all.

Moma Bikes E-mtb - Display

On the other hand, we have to deduct a few points from your proposal for the lack of lights for driving at night.


The Moma Bikes E-mtb is powered by a 250W motor regulated at 25 kilometers per hour, which clearly can give much more. It is a totally European-made electric bicycle, so the latter was seen to come in view of the laws in force in this territory.


Taking that into account, it is natural that it lacks a hand throttle, which leaves us with the manual and pedal assist modes. In this sense, the bike has 5 levels of pedal ideal-scooter-for-the-little-ones/">assistance which basically set the speed of the bike to the maximum stipulated by the level itself.

It’s not the smoothest electric assist we’ve seen on an e-bike, as you can feel when the motor kicks in and kicks in after half a turn of the pedals, but it’s certainly possible to get used to it.

Other features

On another note, no self-respecting mountain bike can hit the market without damping, and we’re happy to report that the Moma Bikes E-mtb has this feature at both ends, though we have to warn that not everything is rosy. .

Going into details, the front fork has hydraulic suspension with 100mm travel and the lock/unlock option. An additional shock absorber is located at the bottom of the frame, but unfortunately many users report that it is of poor quality and too stiff to provide proper damping.

Moma Bikes E-mtb Rear Shock

Changing the subject, the transmission system remains in the hands of the manufacturer Shimano, who provides a SHIMANO ALTUS 24 speed gearbox to change gear.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it has 180mm and 160mm hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear wheels, respectively. In this case there are complaints regarding their effectiveness and the fact that they are not of high quality; Likewise, users report that they come out of adjustment from the factory, so it will be necessary to get a little mechanical before having everything ready.


The Moma Bikes E-mtb is covered by a integrated and removable battery 48V / 13Ah (624Wh), which on paper promises us 120 kilometers of travel using the pedal assistance mode, which is obviously the only one it has. Nevertheless, the actual range offered by the bike is below the 100 kilometer mark which is still an acceptable figure for the range and price to which this Moma e-bike belongs.

Again, the battery is removable for user convenience and requires at least 4 hours to complete its 100% recharge process.

Availability and price of the Moma Bikes E-mtb

Those interested in this electric mountain bike You can find it for sale on which also has smaller versions with 27.5-inch tires available.


  • powerful engine
  • excellent autonomy
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • removable battery


  • The quality of the rear shock leaves something to be desired
  • heavy
  • It is not foldable
  • Does not include lights


Total score