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Moma Bikes E-MTB 29, electric type mountain bike

The requirements for a electric vehicle they will not be the same if you only need it to move around the city to go to work or study, or in the case of Seek adventures in natural settings. For this second group there are bicycle alternatives that are worth analyzing in detail and today it is the turn of one of them: Moma bikes E-MTB 29.

Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 is a high-end electric bicycle which is presented as a mountain option with all-terrain characteristics to meet higher demands when navigating natural environments, uneven surfaces and moving along long roads on a single battery charge. Do you want to know more about this model?

Features of Moma Bikes E-MTB 29

Moma Bikes E-MTB 29
Brand moma bikes
Model E-MTB 29
Guy Electric bicycle
Weight (package) 29 kilograms
Available colours Grey
wheel size 29 x 2.20 inches
frame materials 6061 aluminum alloy
Folding No
Break system Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Engine power 250W
Maximum speed 25km/h
battery capacity Li-ion battery 48V / 13 Ah
Autonomy About 120 km (assist mode)
Loading time about 4 hours
supported slopes Up to 20º
supported load 120kg
indicative screen Yes, LCD
Lights No
Package content 1 x Electric Bike, 1 x Charger, 1 x User Manual

A utility-focused design

Moma Bikes E-MTB 29

Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 has a small screen

Far from wanting to attract attention from an aesthetic point of view with modern or non-traditional lines, the brand wanted to focus on granting a series of design specifications that will help you get a better driving experience.

Thus, you will have a handlebar larger and thicker than usual (700 mm) for more precise control, while a XCM front fork with hydraulic suspension from the Suntour brand, adjustable with lock and with a travel of 120 mm, it is in charge of avoiding obstacles and accidents on the road.

Finally, if you look at the front face of the Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 you will come across a small but useful LCD display that shows you driving data in real time such as which of the five levels of pedal assistance is activated, as well as speed, distance traveled and remaining battery capacity so you don’t suddenly run out of power support mid-ride.

It is worth noting that the use of a 6061 aluminum frame ensures long durability and resistance for the next few years, while its support for a weight of up to 120 kilograms will not be a problem for the use of almost any adult person.

Powerful performance for up to 120 km

Moma Bikes E-MTB 29

Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 allows you to drive at a speed of 25 km/h

If we indicate that Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 It is an off-road model, there are several arguments that easily explain it. First, your Kenda tires with a size of 29 x 2.20 mm are larger than the market averagein addition to a surface with textures that help you gain a better grip on the vicissitudes of a natural sleep.

On the other hand, the mountain bike has a large battery, 48V / 13Ah (624Wh), allowing you to travel up to a total of 120 kilometers before needing a recharge. In total, you can opt for an assisted pedaling system with which it will be more comfortable for you to climb hills and cover long routes for which you are not physically prepared, in addition to switching between five levels of assistance for greater control of your effort.

Finally, one can indicate the capacity of its 250W motor to move at a maximum speed of 25 km/hin addition to the ability to stop at speed or stop automatically at distances thanks to its front and rear hydraulic disc brake system, and even take advantage of a SHIMANO ALTUS 24-speed system (Shimano ALTUS RD-M310L model).

Final details to consider

It is important to mention that one of the The most negative points in the analysis of this bicycle rest on the absence of LED lighting on either extreme, an element that is quite common in today’s market and that will logically prevent you from driving safely at night, while your inability to fold will require a significant amount of free space when storing it indoors.

We have previously had the opportunity to talk about the standard Moma Bikes E-mtb model and it must be made clear that it is basically an identical bicycle in its technical characteristics as well as designso if you find it in a store with either of the two names you can be sure that you will enjoy the same driving experience.

Availability and price of Moma Bikes E-MTB 29

to get the Moma Bikes E-MTB 29 you can find units in stock from Amazon as well as from Pccomponentes with shipments throughout the Spanish territory.

  • Rugged design for use on uneven terrain
  • oversized tires
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable and safer driving system
  • No ability to fold
  • Without integrated LED lights
Total score

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