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Metal Instances, OVHcloud combines the advantages of Bare Metal with the Cloud

The European cloud leader is pleased to announce the launch of Metal instances. This new instance combines the power of the Bare Metal universe with the automation of the Cloud; being ideal for workloads that require direct access to storage, compute and network resources at the same time.

This solution is characterized by its flexibility and convenience, typical of the Public Cloud. With Metal Instances users can expect full hardware control as they run 100% on physical servers. Thanks to the latter, they support deployment on demand through the OpenStack APIs. As if that were not enough, they are integrated into the complete ecosystem of OVHcloud Public Cloud services and benefit from cloud automation capabilities.

Likewise, customers will be able to keep their costs under control, as a healthy level of flexibility is offered in the deployment of instances, not to mention that there is various templates to help identify the most suitable hardware for the client.

Metal Instances

According to Thierry SoucheCEO of OVHcloud, “These new instances represent a significant leap, as they can work with OpenStack while maintaining full compatibility with our core tools.”

Availability and price by Metal Instances

With all that said, instances of Metal Instances BM-S1, BM-M1 and BM-L1 are available in Canada (BHS), France (GRA & SBG), Germany (LIM), United Kingdom (ERI) and Poland (WAW) on demand for the following prices:

  • Small range (bm-s1) with Intel Xeon-E 2274G (4C/8T), 2x 960 GB SSD per 0.5 euro per hour.
  • Medium range (bm-m1) with Intel Xeon-E 2288G (8C/16T), 2x 960 GB SSD per 0.85 euros per hour.
  • Large ranges (bm-l1) with AMD EPYC 7371 (16C/32T), 2x 960 GB SSD per 1.45 euros per hour.

It should be noted that each instance of this OVHCloud solution You are guaranteed a 1Gb/s and 2GB/s connection on the public and private network, respectively. It is also worth mentioning that the prices include both outbound and inbound traffic.

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