MediaTek snatches the crown from Qualcomm in Q3 2020

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Mediatek Le Arrebata La Corona A Qualcomm En El Tercer Trimestre De 2020.jpg

For the first time in history, the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer MediaTek has become the leading provider of SoCs for smart phones. In this sense, the company has managed to close the third quarter of 2020 with a market share of 31%, according to a report by the analytical firm Counterpoint Research.

This also implies that MediaTek it overtook Qualcomm for the first time, who has long been the undisputed king of the mobile chip market.

Counterpoint Research attributes this result to the strong performance the company has had in the entry-to-mid range ($ 100 to $ 250), specifically in key regions of China and India, as well as the emerging markets of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. .

Further, the use of chips MediaTek on Xiaomi mobiles increased more than three times since the same period last year, and the gap created by the US ban on Huawei, have also contributed to this result, says research director Dale. Gai.

MediaTek Market Share in Q3 2020 - Image via CounterPoint Research

Image via CounterPoint Research

MediaTek takes first place, but Qualcomm becomes top 5G provider

Market research indicates that MediaTek managed to outperform Qualcomm by 2% (and market share) and has experienced a year-on-year growth of 5%, which places it in the top 1.

However, this is not to say that Qualcomm has been having a hard time, on the contrary, the American semiconductor firm is currently the main seller of 5G chips. Going into details, the growing demand for 5G devices plays in favor of Qualcomm, who can boast of boost 39% of 5G mobiles sold during the third quarter of 2020 (Q3 2020).

Mobile Socs Provider Market Share - Image via CounterPoint Research

The rest of the market share is occupied by giants such as Samsung, HiSilicon from Huawei, Apple and UNISOC. Among these, the participation of Apple, HiSilicon and Samsung stands at 12% for each; meanwhile, UNISOC only obtained 4% of the market share.

Interestingly, Huawei remains unchanged from 2019 despite showing a decline in popularity due to the US trade veto.

Via | CounterPoint Research