Marshall Stanmore III, loudspeaker that combines design with performance

marshall stanmore iii altavoz.png
marshall stanmore iii altavoz.png

If you’re looking for good quality sound on hand and don’t care about the design style you’ll get in return, you can probably find superior and probably cheaper options on the market. However, when it comes to get a “Premium” model that shows it from the first glance, marshall Stanmore III it earns its place in stores.

Marshall Stanmore III is a wireless speaker that maintains the brand’s iconic design which we have already seen in most of its launches in recent years, but it offers greater comfort to current users by avoiding any cable configuration thanks to its support for Bluetooth 5.2. At power level you will enjoy 50W of power at your disposal.

Marshall Stanmore III Features

Marshall Stanmore III
Brand Marshall
Model stanmore iii
Dimensions 35cm x 20.3cm x 18.8cm
Weight 4.25 kilograms
Colors Black, White, Brown
Lightning No
Power 50W
Frequency range 45 – 20000Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) 101dB
Microphone No
connectivity Bluetooth 5.2
ports 3.5mm analog input, RCA input
Volume control Rotary
LED indicator Yeah
Compatibility Android and iOS via Marshall Bluetooth App
energy control AC: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Box contents Speaker, Power cord, User warranty, Quick setup guide

The manufacturer’s hallmark

Marshall Stanmore III

Marshall Stanmore III is also sold in “cream” and brown

While other brands have decided to “modernize” and accommodate new design trends, Marshall has remained with the same style that saw it born as a manufacturer in 1962 and it cannot be denied that today it has become a hallmark in the audio device industry. Logically, the protagonist of this analysis is no exception.

So, Marshall Stanmore III it maintains the “rock and roll” style of the first era but at the same time maintains a minimalist way that helps it to contribute to the general design of any room in which it is found. From the Marshall inscription in the center and the brass control knobs, in addition to options for sale in black, “vintage Cream” or brown, everything looks really attractive.

It is worth noting that the official dimensions of the speaker go up to 35 cm x 20.3 cm x 18.8 cm and its total weight is 4.25 kilogramswhich means that it can be placed on any table or piece of furniture in the room without problems, but it is clearly not designed to be moved frequently or taken with you outside the home.

Less power but better quality

For this third generation of the line, Marshall Stanmore III boasts an acoustic headroom that promises to be larger than its predecessorwhile maintaining the quality that everyone is used to appreciating in the brand’s creations for a more immersive sound experience.

The team’s end results are outward-sloping dome tweeters and updated waveguides dedicated to achieving audio output that can spread evenly to every corner of a room. Also appreciate a built-in dynamic loudness technology that takes care of maintaining a tonal balance of the sound so there’s no change in sharpness no matter what volume it’s set to (50W max available power).

At the controls level you will find a variety of knobs on its top face for analog control of actions such as source change, volume change, bass control, treble control, play/pause, skip a track backwards/forwards and logically on/off. Then, in terms of physical connections present there is both a 3.5mm jack and an RCA input.

Finally, Stanmore III allows you to use any device within a close range of 10 meters for sound reproduction thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 standard. This version not only allows the highest possible sound quality, but also optimizes other parameters such as transmission stability or audio synchronization. You are also promised OTA (Over the Air) updates through the brand’s application that will allow future improvements through software with new functions at your disposal.

Comparison with Marshall Stanmore II

Marshall Stanmore III

Marshall Stanmore III may be too expensive for what it offers

Previously we have been able to analyze what its previous generation, Marshall Stanmore II, has to offer, and if you ask yourself is it really worth taking the leap? The answer is probably no. The truth is the changes between one model and another are even below what one might have expectedSo if you have recently bought a speaker from the brand, the experience will be quite similar.

In the case of comparisons between one and the other, Marshall Stanmore II Logically, it also has that elegant retro design with options for sale in three classic colors, while having been released earlier on the market, it comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 standard. Strangely its output audio power is higher than the new generation, with a maximum of 80W, while its price is currently around 100 euros less, which perhaps makes it an even better option to consider.

Marshall Stanmore III Availability and Price

Can buy the Marshall Stanmore III both since Amazon with international shipping as since MediaMarkt for the Spanish market or even FNAC in brown.

  • Very attractive retro design
  • Updated Bluetooth connectivity
  • Improved and wider sound quality
  • Without built-in battery
  • Few changes compared to the previous generation
  • power output could be better
Total score