Marshall Minor III, do they live up to their brand?

marshall minor iii destacada.jpg
marshall minor iii destacada.jpg

marshall is a British brand known primarily for its iconic electric guitar amplifiers, but in modern times they have branched out and extended into the realm of wireless headphones and speakers. With that gobbledygook, today we’ll take a look at the Marshall minor III, TWS headphones that promise unparalleled freedom, crystal clear sound, long autonomy and intuitive touch controls. Likewise, we intend to find out if these headphones are up to the mark they are inheriting or if, on the contrary, they take advantage of it to attract attention.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who prefers on-ear headphones over in-ear headphones, you might be better off getting to know the Marshall Monitor IIwhich shine for their comfort and active noise cancellation.

Technical characteristics of the Minor III TWS MARSHALL

Weight 4 grams per earphone
Color Black
dynamic drivers 12mm
Frequency response 20Hz–20kHz
Controller Sensitivity 93dB SPL
Driver impedance 32 Ω
Microphone Yeah
google assistant No
Active noise cancellation No
compatible application Marshall Bluetooth App
  • 5 hours in headphones
  • 25 hours total in the case
  • 15 minutes provides 1.5 hours of playback time
  • 1.5 hours to recharge the headphones
  • 2 hours to recharge the case
connectivity Bluetooth 5.2
Codecs SBCs and aptX
Box contents Minor III, true wireless earphones, Charging case, USB-C charging cable, User manual, and legal and safety information.
manufacturer site


Like many of the brand’s products, the Marshall Minor III have a design inspired by the company’s iconic amplifiers. For starters, the charging case sports a Textured, grippy surface with Marshall logo on the front. In the same way, the lower part of the headphones or stems presents a black and brass-colored fluted metal that evokes the knobs of an amplifier.

Marshall Minor III

However, that metal only adds weight to the headphones, so we can say that it is a totally unnecessary detail, especially considering that the rest of the body is made of a plastic that does not seem of premium quality.

That being said, the most common criticism of these headphones across the internet is that they they don’t fit very well in the ear, which leads to a series of problems. In this sense, the MINOR III TWS MARSHALL sit very precariously at the base of the ear canals. As a result, actions like tilting your head or turning quickly give the impression that they are going to get out of place.


It is true that the latter can vary from person to person, but the general consensus is that they come out of adjustment easilyso they’re definitely not the kind of headphones we want to take with us to the gym or jog.

Another major problem with its design lies in the touch controls. The touch button is located on the M of each earbud and you can’t customize what it does. Tapping the buttons once to play/pause works pretty well most of the time, but double-tapping or triple-tapping to fast forward or rewind doesn’t always. To top it off, the button is sensitive, so tapping the headphones to reset them to your ear can trigger other actions.

Marshall Minor III

sound and features

The greatest virtue of the Marshall Minor III is the quality of their sound, and in this aspect we can say that they live up to the expectations that their brand carries. The audio provided by its 12mm dynamic drivers is clean, bright and well balanced, making rock, punk, pop, hip-hop and EDM genres a joy to listen to. Additionally, the Marshall mobile app allows us to play with the sound equalization and adapt it to our liking.

However, it must be remembered that these are open-back headphones without active noise cancellationso the experience will vary and not always be perfect. With that in mind, external noise isolation is virtually non-existentSo if you wanted these headphones to keep you away from the world in the meantime, you’ll have to look elsewhere, but if you’re someone who prefers to be aware of your surroundings at all times, then you won’t have a problem with them.

Marshall Minor III - Sound

Another detail that subtracts points from the Marshall Minor III is the missing AAC codec, so iPhone users are left out when it comes to high-fidelity sound. Said that, support aptX and SBC via Bluetooth 5.2so if you are an Android user you are in luck.

For his part, sound pickup quality is also good. In this regard, each ear cup on the Marshall Minor III has a microphone located at the bottom of the stem, and these do an excellent job of picking up voices, but they don’t filter out ambient sound, so if there are multiple people talking in the background, your interlocutor will notice it. Surprisingly, the wind rejection is quite effective, to the point that it is barely noticeable from the other side.



We don’t have a precise figure for the capacity of the battery that powers the Marshall Minor III, but we do know that Marshall promises us 5 hours of battery life for each charge of the headphones. In practice we can 4 hours and 20 minutes on averageas there are many factors to consider that affect battery consumption.

Although 4 hours is a mediocre number by today’s standards, the charging case is the saving grace, since it offers us up to 4 additional charges for a total duration of 25 hoursAnd that is commendable.

Marshall Minor III - Autonomy

To put the icing on the cake, both the headphones and the case boast a remarkably fast charging; In 15 minutes you get enough juice for 90 minutes of music, and a full recharge takes just 1.5 hours. For its part, the case supports wireless charging and can be 100% restored in 2 hours.

Availability and price of the Marshall Minor III

As you can see, these headphones have important shortcomings, but they also have enough virtues to justify their existence, although whether they live up to the brand they carry is totally debatable, and we certainly hope that MARSHALL learns from its mistakes and rectifies them in the future. the next generation.

Be that as it may, those interested in the Minor III TWS MARSHALL will be able to purchase them through Reliable storebut they can also be found available at Fnac for a competitive price. In addition, El Corte Inglés has them for sale and buy them from Media Markt is another good idea. As always, we suggest checking all the offers before adding something to the cart.


  • Good sound
  • slim design
  • decent autonomy
  • wireless charging


  • The lace leaves something to be desired.
  • Poor touch controls
  • They do not support the AAC codec
  • No ANC and poor noise isolation

Total score