Marshall Acton III, loudspeaker with extra elegance

marshall acton iii.jpg
marshall acton iii.jpg

If you like your devices not only to work well but also to look nice and in tune with the rest of the room, there are some manufacturers that are especially dedicated to achieving this combination, such as Marshall in the retro design segment. Today is the time to highlight another of its most recent models with the name of Marshall acton III.

Marshall Acton III is a “Premium” range loudspeaker that promises top-notch design quality that is not only attractive to look at but promises long-lasting durability, while inside it ensures a detailed and immersive sound experience with logical support for Bluetooth connectivity. Of course you must be willing to spend several hundred euros in return.

Marshall Acton III Features

Marshall Acton III
Dimensions 26cm x 15cm x 17cm
Weight 2.85 kilograms
Colors Black, brown and cream
wireless connectivity Yes, Bluetooth 5.2
3.5mm jack Yeah
sound power 30W
Frequency response (Hz) 45Hz–20kHz
controller type Dynamic
Sensitivity 95db
Microphone No
Battery No
Noise Cancellation No
Advanced audio technologies Dynamic Loudness
Official site Marshall

The recognizable design of the manufacturer

Marshall Acton III

A look at Marshall Acton III in all three colors

If there is something that everyone will agree on when talking about this brand, it is that has established an iconic aesthetic style that has been repeated for decades in each of his pitches. Resembling the decade of the 60’s, you will find a sound system that could easily be an analogue model launched on the market more than fifty years ago.

With a commercialization in black, brown or “vintage cream” over most of its structure, Marshall Acton III It does not forget elements such as the Marshall inscription on the front as well as a series of brass control knobs arranged on the upper face that allow easy changes in volume as well as bass levels.

It is worth noting that this device also has an interest in caring for the environment and for this reason it has been built with some advantages in mind. For example, during this generation takes a more sustainable approach with PVC-free construction comprising 70% recycled plastic and presence only of vegan materials.

More quality than sound power

Marshall Acton III

Marshall Acton III can be controlled by knobs

When it comes to detailing the benefits of the Marshall Acton III Regarding its general operation, it has been possible to add a broader audio reproduction than its predecessor and the availability of self-developed technology called “Dynamic Loudness” which works on the tonal balance of the audio so there is no distortion in the original experience no matter what volume you have it set to.

In official figures, you will have a total power of 30W available, which is not a very high number when compared with the final price that is requested in exchange, nor in its general dimensions, which are far from placing it as a small or portable speaker.

Finally, thanks to the availability of the latest standard Bluetooth 5.2 you will have at your disposal some of the features of the last generation that include the best possible audio quality, in addition to a increase in the transmission range and more stability in the synchronization with your mobile or computer. OTA updates are also promised via the free download app on the Smartphone that claims to be up to date with software improvements and new post-launch features.

If you want to use other types of equipment as a sound reproduction source, it must be emphasized that you will have a 3.5 mm jack so you can also enjoy it through classic cable connections. What does shine by its absence is a built-in battery and thus you will need a nearby current input to be able to use it.

Comparison with Marshall Emberton

Considering that almost all of this manufacturer’s speakers look similar, it is more likely that you will be confused about which model to buy. One of those previously analyzed is called Marshall Emberton and focuses on giving a much more portable experience.

Which of the two should you buy? Marshall Emberton is a speaker with a lower output sound power, 20W, while its Bluetooth connectivity remains with a slightly older version, 5.0. However, this version enjoys a built-in battery inside that gives autonomy for up to 20 hours without the need for cables involved, in addition to being a more compact model with a weight of just 700 grams that makes it very easy to take it with you during travel or move it between rooms.

Marshall Acton III Availability and Price

To buy the Marshall Acton III you can do it through Amazon with units in stockas well as from MediaMarkt for customers in Spanish territory and FNAC if you are looking for a third alternative to compare prices.

  • Top notch retro design
  • Good overall sound quality
  • Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity
  • Sound power could be higher
  • Does not have a built-in battery
  • Asked price in exchange may be too high
Total score