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Logitech partners with iFixit to help you repair your devices

It is a normal practice that before any problem or failure that your accessories have or add-on devices quickly make you think about getting a replacement instead of trying to fix it. The truth is that most manufacturers do not make it easy for you in this regard, and that is why positively surprises the new initiative of logitech in collaboration with ifixit.

For those who don’t know what iFixit is about, it is a medium that specializes in the repair of electronic devices and that usually makes headlines for its analysis of how easy or difficult new releases that hit the market are to fix. The idea of Logitech is providing the parts of several of its products so that users can fix them beyond the warranty period.

Logitech wants to combat e-waste

Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech’s MX Master series of mice will be the first of this initiative

According to the company’s official statement, both parties seek to generate a positive contribution to the figures for electronic waste that grow remarkably every year. In a cited report, he points out some projections of up to 75 million metric tons of such waste by 2030compounded by high consumption rates and devices with limited repair options offered by other carriers.

The solution seems to lie in making it as easy as possible the process of fixing technological products one already owns by supplying spare parts and batterieswhile iFixit will provide repair guides for “selected products” along with a single space where all content of this type is grouped.

from a platform called iFixit Logitech Repair Hub Direct links will be given to the purchase of the parts that are necessary or a series of “Fix Kits” that, in addition to the parts, also gather the tools to be able to maneuver the internal components. At the moment there are already several Logitech products included with guides ranging from webcams, keyboards, headsets, Bluetooth speakers, and gaming peripherals.

From the second half of the year the first accessories to have spare parts for your compare will be the professional MX Master mice and MX Anywhere but there are still no prices or more details about its availability. Do you have any Logitech accessories that you wish you could fix?

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