LG XBOOM XL7S, a party speaker beast

lg xboom xl7s destacada.jpg
lg xboom xl7s destacada.jpg

He LG xboom XL7S It’s a portable sound tower that takes the RGB lighting from your XBOOM series and re-imagines it in a whole new way, not to mention delivering rich, loud sound thanks to its 250W power. As if that were not enough, this speaker promises a range of up to 20 hours on a single charge and is compatible with the LG XBOOM app, from where the user has the ability to customize the LED lighting and make adjustments to the sound equalizer. With that in mind, this is the kind of speaker we want to have on our side during the summer, since it also has water resistance.

Technical characteristics of the LG XBOOM XL7S

Dimensions 70 x 31 x 31.6cm
Weight 15.5 kilograms
Color Black
Power 250W
woofer Yeah
Technology Sound Boost
voice assistants No
Free hands No
Endurance IPX4
customizable LED lights Yes, up to 16.8 million colors
Bluetooth yes, 5.1
3.5mm jack No
microphone input Yes, 6.3mm
guitar input Yes, 6.3mm
nfc No
multiple pairing Yes, up to 100 speakers
Autonomy up to 20 hours
Loading time 3.5 hours
loading port USB
manufacturer site lg.com
Package content Speaker, User Manual, charging cable.


He LG XBOOM XL7S It is a tower speaker of considerable proportions, which reminds us a lot of the JBL party Box 310 which we tried the other day. Like that speaker, this model is portable, so it has a telescopic handle at the top and wheels at the bottom that facilitate its transport, because we do not want to be carrying those 15 kilograms everywhere.


The body is made of plastic and sports a thin metal grill on the front that can be easily dented. A glance at the top reveals the speaker’s keypad and control panel, while the ports are located on the rear, protected by a cover that furthers the speaker’s water resistance (IPX4, splash only).


With all that said, what is obviously most striking about the XL7S is its lighting system, which starts with a RGB LED ring surrounding the woofer. It also has a strobe light at the bottom and top front.

However, what puts the cherry on the cake is the display or LED dot matrix that allows users to personalize their speaker with a color scheme and dynamic lighting movements. Said screen can also display text, emojis, visual effects, patterns, animations and characters, all of which are customizable from the LG XBOOM application.

LG XBOOM XL7S - Water resistance

How about the Sound?

Going into details, the LG XBOOM XL7S 2.1 speaker has a 250 watt power output (W) through its 8-inch “full-range” woofer and 2.5-inch tweeter. The sound offered by this speaker is powerful, how powerful? Enough to fill a large room with several people in it with sound.

Like other LG XBOOM speakers, the XL7S features the Sound Boost sound mode, which basically amplifies the mids and bass. With that in mind, this is a mode we always want to have active, because when it’s not, it just doesn’t sound as loud and the bass takes a backseat, making the sound seem very flat.

Be that as it may, in optimal conditions and with the volume at 75%, this speaker delivers an amazing sound, the mids are well defined and the bass is audible, but not thunderous, Plus, it never impairs vowels like other portable tower speakers. The only negative about the bass is that we cannot do much to amplify it beyond the count, since it is a front speaker.

LG XBOOM XL7S - Woofer

In terms of volume, this speaker is loud enough when powered by its internal battery, but it gets even better if we plug it into the currentsince you get a huge increase in performance that even benefits the bass.

It should also be noted that from the companion application you can access the settings of sound equalizationso there is no shortage of options to tune the sound to our liking.

Connectivity and application

When it comes to wired connectivity, the LG XBOOM XL7S has a input for microphone and one for guitar, so we can do Karaoke and amplify the sound of our guitar. It also has a USB port if you prefer to use a flash drive. However, the absence of a classic 3.5mm jack is somewhat disappointing.

For its part, the wireless connection is via Bluetooth (multipoint) and has no observable latency. When it comes to audio codecs, this one is compatible with SBC and AAC, but unfortunately aptX doesn’t make that list like some of LG’s older XBOOM speakers.

It is worth mentioning that the LG XBOOM app for iOS and Android opens up a whole realm of possibilities; starting with the sound equalizer and ending with the customization of the lighting of the woofer, the effects and also the animations displayed on the LED matrix.


Finally, on the table is the party link modewhich can be harnessed to massively amplify sound by connecting up to 100 LG speakers (must be the same XL7S speaker model).


The LG XBOOM XL7S speaker is powered by a 88Wh battery that promises us up to 20 hours of use on a single charge. It is our duty to note, however, that this is a rather generous estimate, and one that can only be achieved with the lighting turned off and the volume limited to half.


In a real use case with the volume at 75% and the lights on, we can expect a maximum of 10 hours of duration, which is not bad at all, especially considering that in a matter of 3.5 hours the speaker can recover its full charge of your battery.

Availability and price of the LG XBOOM XL7S

Those interested in this party speaker can purchase it via Media Marktbut it can also be found available at Fnac for a competitive price. As always, we recommend checking out both offers.

As you will see, the LG XBOOM XL7S is a great speaker both figuratively and literally, so if you prefer something more compact and easy to transport, but with the audio quality that LG knows how to deliver, we can recommend an alternative to the LG XBOOM Go XG5QGR.


  • Power and sound quality
  • good autonomy
  • customizable party lighting
  • Telescopic handle and wheels


  • It does not have a 3.5mm jack input.
  • A bit bulky and heavy
  • Does not support aptX

Total score