LG XBOOM ON7, the speaker that your parties deserve

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The LG XBOOM ON7 is a high-power, aesthetic-factor speaker for parties, which boasts a 1000W output, changing LED lighting and the benefits of belonging to the LG family, plus it is reasonably priced that sits on the brand of 350 euros, so it is very attractive if you plan to have a party at home or listen to music at full volume. As if that were not enough, it has a companion app with DJ options and the possibility of pairing with other speakers of the brand to amplify its soundstage. Due to these and other reasons, it is worth our attention in this entry.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker to take with you everywhere, we dare to recommend the LG XBOOM GO PN7 due to its power and Meridian sound.

Technical characteristics of the LG XBOOM ON7

Dimensions 34.4 x 33 x 78.5 cm
Weight 16.3 kilograms
Colour Black
LED lighting Yes, multicolor
Power 1000W
Sound technologies
  • Super Bass Boost
  • Wireless Party Link
  • Bluetooth Surround Ready
Certificate of resistance Does not have
Battery Does not have
Microphone Yes
Virtual assistant support No
Package content Remote control: MA2 (40 keys) with 2 AAA batteries, quick start instructions, warranty card, DAB + antenna, power cord.
Official site LG.com



Design of this One Body speaker

The LG XBOOM ON7 is a speaker with a Unibody design of considerable dimensions, we are talking about 34.4 x 33 x 78.5 centimeters, which is not much, but we cannot say the same about its weight, which remains at 16.3 kilograms.

Getting down to business, the loudspeaker features two 2 ”-in tweeters, two 2-inch center units, and an 8-inch woofer. These last two are covered by LED lights and hoops to spice up the party.

In this sense, the LG XBOOM ON7 is a speaker that brings the party to life in both the audio and visual department, as its LED lights match the rhythm of the music to produce exciting effects. As is customary, we can control the color of the lights and their pattern through the mobile application on duty.

LG XBOOM ON7 - Design

Additionally, we can sync smartphones not only to control music playback, but also to use the flashlight as party lights that vibrate to the beat of the music. Unfortunately, this feature is only compatible with Android, although the app does work with iOS.

At the top of the speaker we will find its controls, as well as a DJ mixer which expands the possibilities considerably. Additionally, there is a slot on this surface that serves to support the smartphone.


Other elements to highlight are the connection ports, at the top there are two USB inputs to play or copy content from USB memory drives. We also found an entrance for guitars and, to our surprise, there is an old CD / DVD tray to reuse that old collection of records that many of us have at home.


The LG XBOOM ON7 is perfect for filling a large room or room with sound, it is not for nothing that it is a 3-way speaker with 1000W output power and stereo sound. As if that weren’t enough, the loudspeaker generates an airflow behind the speaker to produce punchy bass that spice up the music; this last function is called Super Bass Boost And it is one of the main virtues of this series of LG speakers.

LG XBOOM ON7 - Sound

Naturally, we can adjust the sound through the music equalizer which we can access from the DJ Pad or the mobile application on duty, which brings us to the next point.

LG XBOOM ON7 - Application

In this vein, LG’s XBOOM application opens up a whole realm of possibilities, starting by linking the speaker with our mobile via Bluetooth 4.0 to control music playback or stream content from it. As an additional incentive, it is possible to pair up to 3 mobile devices at the same time, which gives us more options. In the same way, the application includes the option to adjust the sound through the pre-designed equalizers and to change the set of lights.

Connectivity and other features

One possibility that we cannot ignore is the function Wireless Party Link, which is broken down into adding a second speaker wirelessly to amplify the sound substantially, although yes, it must be the same model, so it is not as useful as it sounds on paper. But do you know that it is useful in all situations? Support for karaoke and guitar input. We even have the option to adjust the sound of the music and the microphone separately and to reduce the vocals of the song using the function Voice Canceller.

LG XBOOM ON7 - Connectivity

Finally, the LG XBOOM ON7 supports FM radio to tune in to our favorite stations and can connect to an LG TV via optical cable or Bluetooth, providing a more immersive sound experience.

The only thing that feels absent from the speaker is the compatibility with voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, but these functions are generally reserved for the smaller speakers, so we will not deduct many points for this lack.

Availability and price of the LG XBOOM ON7

With only a few insignificant details, the LG XBOOM ON7 is firmly positioned in the market due to its power, price and presence of all those connectivity options that we have come to expect from modern sound equipment. To wrap it up, we can praise the rich sound of punchy bass, the DJ table built into the speaker, and the LED party lighting.

For those interested in acquiring this LG speaker, they can do so through the usual sales channels, such as the always reliable Amazon.com store; in the same way, it is available in PC Components for a similar price. As always, choose the option that suits you best or offer the best price at the moment.


  • Competitive price
  • 1000W power
  • XBOOM app and DJ mode
  • Attractive play of light


  • Not compatible with voice assistants
  • No waterproof
  • Heavy


Total score