LG Ultragear GP9, a small wireless speaker for gaming

lg ultragear gp9.jpg
lg ultragear gp9.jpg

The variety of accessories designed to play with the best features at your fingertips is growing and logically between them can not miss the speakers. And it is that many times the monitors do not have their own sound system or their power is really low, so small alternatives such as LG Ultragear GP9 win a very good reception among users.

LG Ultragear GP9 is a high-mid-range speaker which is designed to deliver high-resolution sound with four built-in speakers, support for DAC function and 3D audio effects that are adapted to the type of video game that is on the screen. Below we review each of its most relevant specifications:

Features of LG Ultragear GP9

LG Ultragear GP9
Mark LG
Model GP9
Dimensions 376mm x 108 x 86mm
Weight 1.5 kilograms
Colors Black
Speaker Quantity 4
Output audio system 2.0 channels
Sound power 15W
Connectivity Bluetooth
Compatibility Android, iOS, Siri virtual assistants and Google Assistant
Ports USB-C, 3.5mm headphone output
Battery 2700 mAh Lithium-Ion
Autonomy About 5 hours
Loading time 3.5 hours
Box contents Speaker, USB-C Cable, User Guide, Warranty Card

A wire-free speaker

As can be seen in the images, the design chosen for the occasion is similar to those of the sound bars that are used in configurations for televisions. With black merchandising with red accents when powered on, the official dimensions of the device are 376 mm x 108 mm x 86 mm, while its weight rises up to 1.5 kilograms.

LG Ultragear GP9 works from the classic Bluetooth connection to synchronize with any current equipment without cables in between, while its support for Android and iOS mobile devices is complemented by compatibility for virtual assistants Siri and Google Assistant to facilitate its operation through voice commands.

In addition, Thanks to a built-in Lithium-Ion 2700 mAh battery, LG Ultragear GP9 also does not need a power input to work with any team in close range. According to the Korean manufacturer, its autonomy is around 5 hours of continuous use, while the recharging time is approximately 3.5 hours.

Finally, This speaker also includes a microphone for headphone-free chatting while gaming, support for the latest 3.5mm headphone models compatible with 7.1 virtual surround sound systems, and options for custom equalization without the need for external sound cards.

General sound quality

LG Ultragear GP9

Connections present in LG Ultragear GP9

In the field of performance, it is indicated LG GP9 UltraGear It is specifically designed for a precise and realistic gaming experience thanks to high-resolution audio reproduction with higher sample rates. In total, it has four integrated speakers that offer a 2.0-channel output system and 15W total power.

Compared to other models on the market, this proposal can easily be placed above computers such as Lenovo TS32, who it is limited to only 6W of available power and does not have a battery inside that facilitates its use in wireless conditions.

On the other hand, a distinctive point of the protagonist of this analysis is the adding an ES9038 Pro DAC (digital to analog) converter corresponding to a 32-bit quad model with 132 dB DNR And it’s ready to meet industry standards for high-resolution audio on professional equipment. Thanks to its multiple connectivity options, it can be connected to Hi-Fi devices through an AUX cable, further improving the sound.

A 3D gaming experience

LG Ultragear GP9

LG Ultragear GP9 is “almost” a soundbar

Before completing the benefits of the model, reference must be made to the patented technology called 3D Gaming Sound. It is able to adapt the game audio according to the most popular game genres thanks to a special algorithm HRTF ad Related Transfer Functions) that Helps create surround sound effect when using headphones.

LG’s 3D Gaming Sound technology has been developed with the HRTF (Head Related Transfer Functions) database that takes into consideration details such as the position and direction in which the sound is distributed throughout the room. With this users will be able to locate their enemies and teammates with pinpoint precision in FPS titles, or gain a greater sense of depth and realism in RTS, among others.

Availability and price of LG Ultragear GP9

For buy the LG Ultragear GP9 it is possible to do so through the renowned Spanish store Pccomponentes with shipments available throughout the entire territory.

  • Integrated battery for cable-free use
  • 3D effects and audio customization according to game genres
  • Inclusion of DAC (digital to analog converter)
  • Price can be quite high
  • Audio power could be higher
Total score