LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS, a hard-to-ignore mountain e-bike

lankeleisi x3000 plus destacada.jpg
lankeleisi x3000 plus destacada.jpg

For those who want a quality off-road e-bike for a reasonable price, the lankeleisi x3000 PLUS offer everything they are looking for and more, this time we will explain why. For those who prefer the short version of the story, we can anticipate that it is an electric MTB of compact size and folding design, which consists of 20 x 4-inch tires and a competent 1000W motor, which allows us to travel to a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour and travel up to 100 kilometers with a single charge of its battery. As if that were not enough, it has double damping, a Shimano transmission system and hydraulic brakes.

For those who prefer a larger MTB, say with 26-inch tires, the brand has you covered with the LANKELEISI T750 Plus. With that said, it’s time to delve into what the X3000 Plus has to offer, which is no small feat.

Features of LANKELEISI X3000PLUS

Model X3000Plus
Guy Electric bicycle
Dimensions 177 x 120 x 90cm
Dimensions (folded) 100x80x50cm
Weight 30 kilograms
Available colours Black with blue, Black with yellow, Black with grey, Black with red.
wheel size 20 x 4 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Yes
Break system Hydraulic brakes
Engine power 1000W
Maximum speed 45km/h
speeds 7
battery capacity Li-ion battery 48V / 17.5Ah
  • 40 to 60 kilometers in electric mode
  • 80 to 100 kilometers with pedal assistance
Loading time between 5 and 6 hours
Supported slopes Up to 35º
Supported load 200kg
indicative display Yes, LED
Lights Yes, front LED headlight
Package content LANKELEISI X3000PLUS Moped Bicycle, Charger, Wrench, Multifunction Hex Tool, Lock, Quick Release Front Wheel, Air Pump, User Manual.

A compact and versatile MTB

With the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS, an electric bicycle with a sporty design that rides on 20 x 4-inch ChaoYang wide tiresThese stand out for their stability and traction on all types of terrain. At the core of its structure, the bike features a durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame, which is shock-absorbing at the bottom and features a collapsible design.


In this sense, frame, stem and pedals fold upwhich considerably reduces the dimensions of the bike to 100 x 80 x 50cm, thus making things easier when it comes to storing it, carrying it in the car or carrying it by hand.


It is worth mentioning that the frame houses inside a removable battery, which is sheltered from the elements, which adds a few points to the comfort factor, since it will not be necessary to move the bike closer to a power outlet. It should be noted that the bicycle receives IP54 certified against the elements, so it’s perfectly suited for driving in the rain and on wet roads.

In another order of ideas, the bike’s handlebar has an accelerator, a Shimano gearbox, multifunction keys and LED display with speedometer. Naturally, the latter also indicates the battery charge, the operating mode and the distance traveled.


To drive at night we can count on a fairly powerful front LED headlight. However, we can’t say that a rear brake light is included, which is a shame.

Engine and features

The LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS is characterized by being equipped with a brushless motor with 48V/1000W powerwhich allows the bicycle to travel at a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour, but not only that, but it can also accelerate to full throttle in a matter of 4.9 seconds and has enough torque to climb slopes with an incline of 35°. As if that were not enough, it can carry a weight of up to 200 kilograms, although that is something that we can attribute to its robust structure.

Naturally, this is an e-bike that far exceeds the legal limit for this class of vehicle in Europe, so it will need to be registered for riding on public roads, but that was to be expected, as it is clearly built for sporty use in remote locations. (like mountains) and closed circuits.


With that said, the bike has 3 riding modes: electric, manual, and pedal assist. On top of that it supports 5 levels of assistance and a pedal sensor, so it can adapt to the user’s cadence.

Like any self-respecting off-road bike, the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS is equipped with shock absorbers to reduce the impact of bumps in the road and thus ensure user comfort. Going into details, it has a front fork with hydraulic springs and a shock absorber of the same category at the rear of the frame, effectively covering both ends of the bike.

For its part, the braking is in the hands of ZOOM brand hydraulic brakeswhich promise a safe dry stop in 4 meters or less.


If you were wondering about the transmission system, it remains in the hands of the Shimano brand, which has provided a 7-speed M370 gearbox.


Before concluding, it is important to note that the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS electric bicycle is powered by a 48V/17.5Ah battery that promises between 40 to 60 kilometers of travel in electric mode with a single charge. However, we can extend that operating range to 80 and even 100 kilometers using the pedal assist mode.

Battery and autonomy

With that said, it’s a removable battery that requires 5-6 hours to fully charge and, according to the manufacturer, is certified to withstand over 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, so it certainly offers a good lifespan.

Availability and price of the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS

Those interested in the LANKELEISI X3000 PLUS can find it for sale at following this link. Similarly, it is available for your purchase through As always, we advise you to consult both offers before making a decision.

  • fast and powerful
  • Double shock absorption
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Good autonomy and removable battery
  • folding design

  • High price
  • Does not include rear brake light
Total score