KugooKirin M4 PRO, electric scooter for the most demanding users

kugookirin m4 pro.jpg
kugookirin m4 pro.jpg

The way we move around the city is changing. And less bad. We take less and less the car or public transport and the scooter and electric bikes are gaining strength. They are a cheap, sustainable and comfortable way to get around on urban routes and once you get the hang of it, it will seem like the easiest thing in the world. To begin with, we would recommend trying a somewhat more basic model, such as the Himo L2 MAXto see how you do. But if you are already a pro or if you directly want to jump to the top, there are certain teams that are a brown beast, like this one kugookirin M4 PRO which we are going to talk to you about today.

In this article we tell you all the advantages and also the disadvantages of the scooter. KugooKirin so you know what you can expect from it. In addition, we look for the best offers for you.

KugooKirin M4 PRO Design

If we see the photos of this KugooKirin M4 PRO we see that it maintains the usual design lines of this type of device, but if we look closely we see that this is a very robust device, focused on those users who need something more.

We can highlight in its design its weight of 22.5kg, quite heavy and without a doubt a point against. Although it provides robustness, it can also become a disadvantage if, for example, we live in a flat without an elevator. It can be quite tedious to upload it home freehand. Its dimensions are 119 x 28 x 47cm. Yes, it has a design. folding so that we can easily put it in the car or store it at home without taking up much space.

KugooKirin M4 PRO

It has the ability to bear weight up to 150kg and the main material of its body is aluminium alloy. On the handlebar we find a color screen where we can see the distance traveled, the battery we have left or the way we circulate. we find it in color black.

It is also worth noting that on the front we have a lighthouse to light our way and in the back it has a Red light that warns other drivers that we are braking. It is important that we have good lighting, especially if we are going to drive at night to see and be seen. Think that on the scooter you have no protection and that in the event of an impact it is your body that is going to receive the blow.

Wheels, brakes, speed… These are all the data you need to know

In addition to a robust design and comfortable driving, your new electric scooter must have a series of qualities that indicate how it will be to ride with it.

This KugooKirin M4 PRO has about 10-inch anti-slip tires, which adapt to different types of surfaces so that we do not have problems when moving wherever we need. In addition, it includes a double damping system to absorb the impacts and irregularities of the terrain and that you do not destabilize. It also has a double disc brake system both on the rear and front wheels.

KugooKirin M4 PRO

Thanks to your 500W brushless motor, we have great power and acceleration. It is not about wanting to drive faster, but having this will help us to get out faster at traffic lights or to climb slopes without messing up our hair. It is a very powerful model.

In fact, we offer a maximum speed of 45km/h, but keep in mind that by law you cannot exceed 25 km/h. At this point it is very interesting to highlight the message that the manufacturer itself indicates on its website: «To limit it or review your limitation, contact our technical service or your nearest technical service. The modification that must be done is to put the value P15 of the submenu, and put 53 as its maximum value. It incorporates a sticker that indicates its limitation. The certificate they request will not be mandatory for another 2 years according to the reform published by the government that regulates the situation of scooters. We have not yet received indications from the DGT on the information that said certificate must contain.

KugooKirin M4 PRO

With this scooter we can select three speed modesbut in addition, we have cruise control that we can activate just by pressing a key to select the constant speed at which we want to circulate.

And finally we want to talk about its battery, one of its most positive points. In this case, autonomy is very generous, with up to 70km, well above the market average. Of course, the loading time takes until eight hours, so it is not something that you can load from one moment to another and you will have to plan it in advance if you want to use your scooter. The most comfortable thing is that you take the routine of charging it every night.

Technical characteristics of the KugooKirin M4 PRO

KugooKirin M4 PRO
Dimensions 119 x 28 x 47cm
Weight 22.5kg
Color Black
Maximum weight supported 150kg
main material Aluminium alloy
Folding Yes
color screen Yes
Lightning Headlight + rear red light
tires 10 inch skid plates
Double disc brake system Yes
Double damping system Yes
Engine 500W brushless
Maximum speed 45 km/h (limitable to 25 km/h to comply with current legislation)
speed modes 3
Cruise control Yes
Battery autonomy up to 70km
Battery charging time 8 hours
Package content
  • 1 x Kugoo Kirin M4 PRO
  • 1x Tool Kit
  • 1x charger
  • 1 * Manual

we found it on banggood and also on amazon.

  • very good autonomy
  • can be folded
  • good power
  • Includes screen with useful information
  • The cuffs are non-slip
  • May be limited to the maximum speed allowed by law
  • The wheels are quite stable

  • The charging time of your battery is very high
  • it is quite heavy
  • High price
  • The illumination of his headlight is insufficient and we recommend that you buy another one.

Total score