KUGOO T01, an electric bike for adventurers

kugoo t01.jpg
kugoo t01.jpg

Although most of users interested in electric vehicles They are looking for models to move more comfortably around the city, there is also space for those who require a little more performance and be able to take their bikes beyond the big cities. That is how you get to the models called “all-terrain” as is the case of kugoo T01.

KUGOO T01 is a high-end electric bike that allows you to move with total stability and resistance on irregular surfaces thanks to its thick tires as well as suspension systems and hydraulic brakes on both wheels for safe driving. Below we review all the technical benefits that make this model much more than just another vehicle.

Features of KUGOO T01

Brand kugoo
Model T01
Guy Electric bicycle
Dimensions 171 x 65 x 111cm
Weight 38 kilograms
Available colours Black White
wheel size 20 x 4 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Nope
Break system Front and rear hydraulic brake
Engine power 500W
Maximum speed 38 km/h
battery capacity Li-ion battery 48V / 13Ah
Autonomy Up to 65 km (assist mode)
integrated screen SW900 LCD with speed, gear, range, 5 phase assist power
supported slopes Up to 20º
Transmission Shimano seven speed
Pedal WELLGO B249 DU
Lights Yes, dual front and rear LED
Package content 1 x Electric Bike, 1 x Charger, 1 x User Manual

A design with excellent materials

Starting with what can be seen with the naked eye, This model has a fairly modern style that seeks to resemble traditional sports bikes found in stores. Its commercialization occurs in two usual colors, all black or white, highlighting the name of the company on its central frame.

KUGOO T01 arrives from the factory with a 6061 aluminum alloy which is not only present in its main frame but also on other main elements such as its handlebar riser, front fork and stem, so there is no need to worry about its long durability and resistance when receiving blows or suffering falls.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this model has a monochrome LED display on its front that makes it possible to correctly appreciate the driving data such as activated mode, current speed and remaining battery, while In front there are a total of two LED lights that help to have a better vision of the road when using it at night.

Finally, The official dimensions of the bicycle remain at 171 x 65 x 111 cm and its total weight at 38 kilograms. Unfortunately, folding capacity is not included as in other competing options, perhaps one of its only negative points to highlight.

smooth driving


KUGOO T01 also arrives in white

The most notorious thing about KUGOO T01 can be seen in its tires, and it is that they are not only appreciated much more robust than the market average but also felt when moving for the first time. Total there are 20 x 4 inch diameter Kenda wheelsincluding a work of textures on its surface to avoid that they are completely smooth and thus respond better to the irregularities of the surface.

On the other hand, a hydraulic brake system on both its front and rear wheels helps to avoid any accident by pausing its march completely at short distances while better absorbing abrupt blows. Everything is complemented by a dual suspension system that makes it possible to customize the ideal force through a module located below the handlebars.

To culminate, the integrated pedal corresponds to the model Wellgo B249DU including a force assist sensorwhich means that it takes into account the level of effort that the user makes when the assistance mode is activated to increase the kinetic energy generated by pedaling.

Conventional usage figures


KUGOO T01 has an average autonomy

If what interests you is the displacement capacity that you have KUGOO T01 it must be said that his integrated motor is 500W and it helps you to move at a maximum speed of 38 km/h plus a total of seven speeds available thanks to an integrated Shimano gear system. It is true that there are even models of electric scooters that exceed these figures (for example KuKirin G2 PRO), but it is far from being something to consider as a negative.

As far as battery is concerned, a conventional 48V/13 Ah Ion-Lithium unit that makes it possible to travel around 35 to 45 kilometers (100% electrical energy) or increase its autonomy between 55-65 kilometers by enabling the assistance mode (pedaling + electrical energy). It is also appreciated that its module is removable in a very simple way For those who wish to use a spare unit or seek to replace it in the future.

Availability and price of KUGOO T01

For buy the KUGOO T01 it can be done from the always reliable store Geekbuying with international shipping available and a reduced price for a limited time only.

  • Modern design with excellent materials
  • Thicker tires for off-road driving
  • Double front LED light for night use
  • Easily removable integrated battery
  • Driving power could be better
Total score