Kiprun GPS 900 by Coros: Decathlon’s smart watch

kiprun gps 900 by coros 2.jpg
kiprun gps 900 by coros 2.jpg

Did you know that">decathlon also has its own smartwatches? A good example is this kiprun GPS 900 By coros, developed between these two companies and with a common goal: to offer the user a quality product at a reasonable price. Let’s find out what it can do for you.

Technical characteristics of the Kiprun GPS 900 By Coros

This smart watch Kiprun GPS 900 By Coros It works similarly to other models in its segment: it not only helps you see the time, it also wants to monitor basic aspects of your health or your physical activity.

Its box has dimensions of 46mm, so it is quite blunt in terms of size, it is not suitable for small wrists. This translates into an LCD display of 1.2 inches with a resolution of 240x240px. Decathlon does not seek to be the most beautiful watch or with the best screen, it simply wants to offer you utility, as with the rest of its products.

Kiprun GPS 900 By Coros

To measure physical activity and health, it incorporates a series of sensors, such as compass, GPS, heart rate sensor, pedometer or accelerometers. We can measure distances, calculate calories, record exercise times, among others. It allows us to record different modes of exercise in a fairly accurate way, in addition, you can also swim with it, thanks to its resistance to 5 ATM.

The connection with the mobile is done via bluetooth. But if there is a section in which it stands out, that is its battery, which offers us up to 30 days of autonomyso that we can go on an expedition, excursion or trip with it and we can leave the charger at home.

Availability and price

Decathlon always focuses on offering well-built and useful products at a fair price. In this case, we cannot say that it is very cheap, but it is in line with other similar models on the market. If you liked it, you can get it in the decathlon store for a price of €249.99.

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