KINGROON KP6, the ideal resin printer to start with

kingroon kp6 destacada.jpg
kingroon kp6 destacada.jpg

The kingroon KP6 It is a resin 3D printer that offers great features for a low price, which makes it a perfect option to start in the world of 3D resin printing. We can anticipate that it bases its offer on a 6.08-inch 2K monochrome LCD screen, which is accompanied by a construction volume of 129 x 82 x 180mm, all for less than 200 euros.

On the other hand, if you prefer to start with a filament 3D printer, this brand also has good affordable options, starting with the Kingroon KP3S which we talked about the other day.

Technical specifications of the KINGROON KP6

Dimensions 20x20x43.5cm
Weight 6 kilos
Colors Black
Structure Aluminum alloy and acrylic shell
3D printer type Resin
print size 129 x 82 x 180mm
print speed 30 – 50mm/h
X/Y axis resolution 0.5mm
layer thickness 0.01 – 0.2mm
bed leveling Manual
LCD screen 6.8 inches, 2560 x 1620
printing software Chitubox 1.8.1, Lychee
Operating system Windows
Idiom Chinese, English
connector USB
printing material Rigid Resin, Castable Resin, Dental Resin, 405mm UV Resin
Data entry format CTB
Technique UV curing
Light source Integrated UV light (wavelength 405nm)
Manufacturer’s site
Package content KP6 Mono 3D Printer, Resin Tank, Build Platform, Plastic Scraper, Gloves, Funnel, Power Adapter, Power Cord, Tool Kit, USB Drive, User Manual.

Design of the KINGROON KP6

The KINGROON KP6 looks just like any other resin 3D printer on the market today. This has size dimensions of 20 x 20 x 43.5cm and exhibits a Greenish-black UV coating that blocks 99% of UV rays. Naturally, the machine is shipped practically assembled and it doesn’t take long to get up and running, the only tricky part is the lamination.

What we can highlight is that the curved design of the platform allows excess resin to drip off little by little. Also, it has 4 screws to be able to level it. As you would expect, the tank is removable and is fixed to the machine by means of two wedges with two screws; It should be noted that the blade is interchangeable and that it has a convenient slot to pour the excess resin.


Another outstanding aspect of its structure is the linear Z axis for constant and precise movement at the time of printing. It also has a TMC2208 stepper motor, so it is theoretically quiet in operation.

With that said, this machine has a 3.5-inch touch screen on the front, which we can use to drive the printer. The interface is simple, intuitive and very practical, but unfortunately it is not available in Spanish, only in English and Chinese.


Printing and features

The KINGROON KP6 stands out for being a resin printer capable of offering prints with a good finish, and they have to thank the 6.08-inch monochrome LCD screen with 2K resolutionalthough we must note that there is a higher version with 4K resolution for better results.

Be that as it may, we are talking about a resin printer whose precision is measured in millimeters (0.05mm). The speed is nothing to write home about, the manufacturer promises 30mm/h or 50mm/h if we are very rushed.

KINGROON KP6 - Printing

As we mentioned before, it outlines a build volume 129 x 82 x 180mmmaking it suitable for creating figurines, ornaments, and small model parts—everything a newcomer to the hobby could need and more.

If we had to criticize something, it would be the fact that the quality of the resin included is not very good, so if your first impressions leave something to be desired, you know why.

Software and connectivity

Before concluding, it should be noted that KINGROON KP6 works best with Chitubox software version 1.8.1, although in theory it is also compatible with Lychee. Be that as it may, it’s a shame that it doesn’t include a profile for Chitubox, forcing us to create a custom profile on our own. In terms of connectivity, it has a USB port for memory units.

KINGROON KP6 - Chitubox

Availability and price of the KINGROON KP6

Those interested in this resin printer can acquire it via for a very affordable price and with shipping from Europe. The same way, it is available on aliexpress for a similar price.

  • Price-quality ratio
  • good print finish
  • silent

  • The interface is not available in Chinese
  • The resin included is of low quality
  • Does not include print profile with Chitubox 1.1.8