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keys to managing a physical and online clothing store
keys to managing a physical and online clothing store

The role of programs designed to optimize the management of business and commercial work in fashion stores is being crucial for increase competitiveness of the premises dedicated to the sale of fashion products.

In this sense, Glop’s Point of Sale (POS) software is one of the most effective tools for manage all aspects of the store, helping to synchronize the stock, speeding up collections or preparing sales reports much faster.

POS software is key to improving the management of fashion stores

The automation of all processes related to business management is one of the strengths of these programs, which have been developed under the umbrella of technological evolution. Digital transformation has driven the use of new tools capable of improving the performance of companies, Glop being one of the best allies when it comes to optimizing all the management processes of a clothing store.

The advantage of Glop compared to other POS programs is that they use a work methodology that has a very positive impact on all fronts simultaneously, instead of applying slight improvements in one field while the others are relegated to the background. In this way, catalog management can be simplified, seasons, manufacturers, suppliers or brands, which improves not only the internal activity of the clothing store, but is also capable of offering consumers a much more satisfactory shopping experience.

Glop’s proposal has a 100% intuitive sales screen, being able to carry out any action in just a few steps to get a much faster attention. In addition, in order to identify products and organize them, Glop’s POS software allows them to be classified according to seasons, suppliers, brands or families, as well as according to prices or those that are on offer, also managing containers, packs , outlets and barcode labels.

Of course, the stock is, in this way, fully controlled and allows to obtain in real time a count of the copies in warehouse and in stock. Automate, in turn, order management Through consumptions or templates, it is possible to manage any replacement from Glop.

The loyalty actions are also registered in the Glop Point of Sale software, being able to manage discounts and rebates in a much more effective way than before. In addition, it is possible to link with marketing applications and mail managers, social media profiles and more.

When consulting certain data, Glop is a very reliable and fast tool that allows real-time access to all kinds of data from anywhere thanks to its web service, being able to design custom dashboards to have a global vision of the performance of the store.

In case the store is part of a franchise or a chain of the same name, Glop adapts to implement a multi store format thanks to Glop Cloud. This cloud service automatically stores all the data collected by the software and allows all the information from all the stores to be synchronized in real time, being able to access in real time thanks to its synchronization system between all the work centers.

An ideal proposal for small stores and large chains

If something characterizes Glop besides its speed and efficiency, it is its versatility. And is that Glop is designed not only to work in large stores and first-rate brand chains: it is also a very useful tool in humble businesses or family clothing stores. And it is that, as you can see in, Glop is available in three different plans, each with its unique characteristics designed to meet the needs of all types of clothing stores.

Mini, Pro and Business are the three available slopes in which Glop can be hired. Glop Mini is a POS software characterized by its simplicity, with some basic sales benefits capable of automating the most basic processes of a small establishment.

Pro is the version designed to offer complete management of the clothing store, accounting for customers, stock, managing online orders, preparing profit reports and allowing it to be connected to various devices. By means of modules, its benefits can be increased for specific functions, giving it a plus of functionality.

Business is by far the most advanced version of Glop. It allows to consult all the data of the clothing store anywhere and offers the possibility of consulting advanced reports on the web. It is the ideal option for those stores that are integrated within a chain, since the management in the cloud synchronizes the data of each establishment and allows to consult the data in real time through the web.

Unify the management of the entire establishment in a single tool

The ultimate goal of using a Terminal Point of Sale program like Glop’s is to simplify store management as much as possible, something that is possible if you have the right tools. In this sense, Glop not only helps in the stock and customer count: it also you have a simplified payment gateway which helps the customer to pay for their purchases more quickly, and helping to consult the specific data of the transaction in a much more comfortable and simple way.

In fact, enhancing communication with the customer is another objective of Glop’s POS software. Thanks to the implementation of the information screen for the client, now through Glop it is possible make all the detailed information of their purchases available to the consumer, while the system implements other complementary information, such as offers or promotions.

In case of wanting to expand certain aspects of the store, Glop is able to adapt to create new sales channels, services and customer service points. Expansion that, by the way, can also be carried out on a technological level by increasing synchronization with other platforms, such as mail managers or marketing platforms.


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