KAISDA K2 Pro, an electric bike for all types of terrain

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On more than one occasion theelectric-bike-for-the-city/"> electric bike launches they focus on a young audience that needs mobility throughout the city, so their ability to move is left aside to gain more elegance and finesse in their design lines. However, models like kaisda K2 Pro search also gain the attention of cyclists and athletes in natural spaces.

KAISDA K2 Pro is a mid-range electric bike which stands out for its tires that are thicker and more resistant than the market average, which is complemented by the rest of the technical specifications to allow use in almost any environment that one considers it, even in natural settings where the surface has irregularities. Below we review everything that makes up this interesting model:

Features of KAISDA K2 Pro

Model K2 Pro
Guy Electric bicycle
Dimensions 170 x 63 x 116cm
Weight 30 kilograms
Available colours Black
wheel size 20 x 4 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Yes
Break system Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Engine power 350W
Maximum speed 25km/h
battery capacity Li-ion battery 48V / 12.8Ah
Autonomy About 40 km (electric mode) up to 80 km (assist mode)
Loading time Between 4 and 6 hours
Supported slopes up to 12th
Supported load 150kg
indicative display Yes, monochrome LCD
Lights Yes, front and rear LED
Package content 1 x Electric Bike, 1 x Charger, 1 x Tools, 1 x User Manual

Collapsible Design


KAISDA K2 Pro allows you to monitor driving data at all times

When talking about what this model has achieved on an aesthetic level, it is necessary to mark quite classic elements on its exterior, including straight lines as well as a completely black tone for its entire structure. The inclusion of a secondary seat on the back to be able to take another person with you is appreciated or simply accommodate an object during a trip.

With a total weight of 30 kilograms and official dimensions of 170 x 63 x 116 cm, the folding capacity that this vehicle has when fold completely in half in just a few steps and thus save a lot of space when storing it inside the house or when wanting to carry it in the trunk of the car. When it is folded, the total size is reduced to 96 x 63 x 75 cm.

Among other positive additions for the KAISDA K2 Pro should be noted an LCD screen in the center of the handlebars that despite its monochrome simplicity offers all the necessary driving data such as current speed, remaining battery level, distance traveled and driving mode enabled. Like little, next to it there is a support to fix the Smartphone and thus also easily control the statistics of an exercise App or GPS directions in case you do not know the way.

Driving for up to 60 kilometers


KAISDA K2 Pro is compatible for overweight adults

As stated above, KAISDA K2 Pro has among its greatest advantages the presence of wider than average tires with dimensions of 20 x 4 inches in addition to a work on its surface that prevents them from being completely smooth as in other more conventional bicycles to obtain a better grip and response to irregularities in the ground.

Inside, a 48V Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 12.8 Ah is responsible for offering enough energy to travel between 40 kilometers and 80 kilometers depending on the driving mode activated (purely electric or pedal assist). At the time of its recharge, at least five hours of waiting are needed, a fact that is not minor to consider, but it is appreciated that its module is easily accessible for a future battery replacement or in case of having a second unit on hand.

For driving data, there is a Shimano five-speed types-of-terrain/">transmission system that allows from 10 km/h to a maximum of 25 km/h (it is also possible to unlock up to a maximum of 32 km/h), while there is no lack of a front / rear disc brake system, the ability to overcome steep slopes of up to 30º and support people with a maximum weight of 150 kilograms.

Finally, this bike does not forget to add LED lighting on both sides for driving at night without losing sight of the road ahead and allowing other drivers to be aware of your presence on the road. Broadly speaking, there are many elements in common with what has already been seen in the DYU R1 model, although In your case, it is a finer model that only resists a maximum of 120 kilograms and its battery has a lower capacity. it only reaches an average driving distance of 25 kilometers on a single charge.

Availability and price of KAISDA K2 Pro

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  • Collapsible Design
  • Extra thick tires for uneven surfaces
  • Integrated LCD screen and module to fix the phone
  • Battery with good autonomy and easy removal/replacement

  • Simple and undistinguished aesthetic

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