Jetwing N1507P7, the ideal companion for office tasks

jetwing n1507p7 destacada.jpg
jetwing n1507p7 destacada.jpg

Having a laptop to perform office automation and basic graphic design tasks has become a necessity for all users. However, although it seems that any laptop can fulfill these tasks, the reality is that not all are designed with a minimum of capabilities to perform them optimally. That is why today we will show you one of the best options to work anywhere, be it office or university: the Jetwing N1507P7.

Jetwing N1507P7 Technical Specifications

Jetwing N1507P7
Site official
Dimensions 35.85 x 23.34 x 1.71 cm
Weight 2.52 kg
Colors Black
Technology from screen IPS
Dimension 15.6 inch
Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels
Multitouch No
Processor Intel Core i3-1005G1 – Dual Core 1.2GHz up to 3.4GHz / Intel Core i7-7567U – 3.5GHz up to 4GHz
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 500
Capacity 256GB SDD
Groove micro SD Yes
Expansion Yes
Version Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Load quick
loading port Adapter AC 100-240V
USB Yes, 3 x USB A 3.0, 1 x USB Type-C
Headphones Yes
Wifi Yes, 802.11ac
Bluetooth Yes
Gps No
Idiom Spanish Yes
Content of the box Computer, Power adapter, User manual, Warranty card

Design and Resistance

When it comes to design, the Jetwing N1507P7 It does not seem to contribute anything relevant as a laptop, but this simplicity is enough to include everything we need in a computer with these characteristics.

The first thing is to highlight its resistance and weight. Thanks to its fully built in body metal, this notebook resists slight flexing and pressure, all without compromising its weight, which remains in the 2.52Kg.

Jetwing N1507P7 - Front Design

The dimensions they are kept within the standard, with a width of 35.85 cm, a length of 23.34 cm, and a thickness with the lid closed of 1.71 cm. What is really striking is the way in which this available space has been used.

The bottom section includes an alphanumeric keyboard complete with keys that are quite responsive. Below this is a touchpad Traditional, and as an addition, you can see the incorporation of a multimedia bar, which allows you to control a couple of computer options such as the reproduction of multimedia content, the microphone, among others.


Something striking is the location of the hinge from the screen. Since this is not at the end of the case, but is slightly offset to the center, when you unfold the screen you will get a small support that slightly lifts the computer from the table, allowing it to ventilate.

Hardware and Display

While office automation tasks may seem simple, the reality is that modern programs require considerable resources to run stably. It is for this reason that Jetwing N1507P7 offers adequate power.

The first thing to highlight is your monitor. Type IPS, it has 15.6-inch dimensions that make viewing content comfortable. Better yet, its 16: 9 aspect ratio provides a suitable field of view for presentations of all kinds, which will be enhanced by the resolution of 1,920 x 1,080px.

Regarding power, the N1507P7 separates from similar models such as Jetwing N1510P3 thanks to its two processor options. The first is a basic alternative accompanied by a Intel Core i3-1005G1 2-core with 1.2GHz speeds (3.4GHz maximum). The second option increases the bet by integrating a Intel Core i7-7567U with a base speed of 3.5GHz, which reaches up to 4GHz in turbo mode.

Jetwing N1507P7 - Full Keyboard

The only drawback of this laptop is that the CPU is your only source of power, since your video card is limited to Intel’s integrated (the Intel Iris Plus 650), which does not allow the handling of 3D graphics in an optimal way, ruling out the power to use the computer to play.

Another aspect to highlight about the computer is that, as it is a device designed to work, the manufacturer has chosen to offer a higher loading speed with the installation of a 256GB SSD instead of a larger capacity HDD. Even the RAM is within the current minimum of 8GB LPDDR4.

As an extra, the Jetwing N1507P7 It includes a modest webcam at the top, which has a tab to block it.


Finally, the connectivity section of the Jetwing N1507P7 It is one of the most outstanding thanks to its multiple options.

In section wireless, the computer has the basics to work with, these being a Wi-Fi connection with the 802.11ac controller, and a Bluetooth antenna to connect other devices.

Ports - left side

The wired ports stand out for the inclusion of 3 USB 3.0 type A, a USB Type C, an entry HDMI, a tray for Micro SD, and the classic 3.5mm jack connection. Its only lack is the port RJ-45, but it does not significantly impact its use.

Availability and Price of the Jetwing N1507P7

The Jetwing N1507P7es a safe bet to work. Its processor performs excellently, has wired and wireless connections for all needs, and has an ideal size construction that allows for the inclusion of a comfortable keyboard and large screen.

If you want to acquire a unit of this work equipment, you can do it through the online stores of Amazon and PC Components.

  • Excellent construction
  • Large screen with excellent resolution for work
  • Powerful processors in both options
  • Lacks disc reader
  • It does not have an RJ-45 input port
  • ROM memory somewhat limited
  • Integrated GPU dramatically limits performance
Total score

Design and materials







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