Jeep 2xe Adventurer, the most brutal scooter of the moment

jeep 2xe adventurer.jpg
jeep 2xe adventurer.jpg

Electric scooters have evolved a lot. From those first models that were roasted on the slopes, we have now evolved to models that are truly outstanding. And a good example is found in this Jeep 2xe adventurera model that, as we can already guess when carrying the brand Jeep in his name, he wants to give you power and waste of energy.

Whether you already have it on file because you’ve seen it in a store, or if you’ve just discovered it and it caught your attention, today we reveal all the features of this Jeep 2xe Adventurer so that you can outline everything you can do with it. In addition, we have also searched for its best offers, so that you can buy it today if it suits your needs. Do not miss it!

Design of the Jeep 2xe Adventurer

This Jeep 2xe Adventurer is a electric scooter with a clear focus on urban life, but also on adventure. Do not get us wrong, we are not telling you to go with it to jump through gorges, because, although in view of its design it makes us want that, let us question whether this is a good use.

Available in color military Green and with the black and yellow details, we see at first glance that it is a rough, rough-looking scooter. It has dimensions of 119.5 x 51.5 x 47.3cm and its tread, that is, the “platform” on which the feet go, is quite generous, since they have dimensions of 60x17cm. If you have ever used a scooter, you will already know that this information is super important, since it will give you greater stability and make you ride much more comfortable. The height from the ground is 17.5 cm. In addition, it has a small footrest in the back, almost on the wheel, in case you like to rest your foot in that area.

Jeep 2xe Adventurer

It also has kickstanda small screen with the basic information of how we are driving, ergonomic non-slip grips with turn signals on the sides that we can activate with the arrow buttons that we have on the left grip.

Have front and rear LED lights and a little hook in case we need to hang a bag, backpack, etc. The maximum load it supports is 100kgKeep in mind that you must add precisely the weight to your weight if you are carrying a bag or backpack.

Speed, wheels, brakes, autonomy…

Beyond the design, of course there are other factors that will help us drive better. And this Jeep 2xe Adventurer does not disappoint. The maximum speed it reaches is that allowed by law, 25km/h, so that we do not have a problem in circulating anywhere. It may not seem like much considering that he wants to be a powerful model, but this power is shown in his 350W brushless motor.

To ensure our safety, it has a front electronic brake system and a rear disc brake. The size of the wheels is 10″ tubeless. It is true, we will have a stable and safe circulation.

Jeep 2xe Adventurer

Regarding its autonomy, its battery has a capacity of 10.4 Ahwhich translates into an autonomy of 40km. This is an approximate figure, since details such as the driver’s weight influence, if there are many potholes on the road, the ambient temperature, if we accelerate and brake a lot… But the 40 km can give you an approximation of what you can expect from it. So if you want me to help you go to work, to the study center or to a friend’s house, keep in mind that the maximum distance must be 20 km so that you can go and come back with peace of mind. Normally, in an urban center there are not such great distances, so you should not have any problem in this regard to go and return. You can charge it at home, connected to electricity. will take you around 7 hoursso we recommend putting it to charge at night.

Finally, note that it has a app for smartphones, from which we can view different statistics of our scooter and other functions, such as firmware updates. The connection is made via Bluetooth.

Technical characteristics of the Jeep 2xe Adventurer

Jeep 2xe Adventurer
Dimensions 119.5 x 51.5 x 47.3cm
base dimensions 60x17cm
Colour Military green with black and yellow details
maximum weight supported 100kg
kickstand Yes
Hook Yes
Screen Yes
blinkers Yes
non-slip cuffs Yes
Lights Front and rear LED lights
Engine 350W brushless
Maximum speed 25km/h
Wheels 10″ tubeless
Brakes Front electronic brake system and rear disc brake.
battery capacity 10.4 Ah
Battery autonomy up to 40km
Loading time 7 hours
App compatible Yes
connectivity Bluetooth

we can find it on amazon and also in other stores as PC Componentstoo in Media Markt or even on eBay.

This is an electric scooter that has very good power, a high autonomy and a very interesting design. We especially like that it comes with turn signals, something that is not common in this type of device and that we think is essential to improve our security. Keep in mind that electric scooters are not toys. With them we are going to circulate on the road, together with other vehicles, and it is very important that they can see us well and that the rest of the vehicles can predict our movements, as is the case with motorcycles, cars and others.

  • Comfortable and durable design
  • good braking
  • Big and stable wheels
  • with kickstand
  • with a wide base
  • Good lighting
  • Includes turn signals
  • Good power for quick starts and climbing hills
  • Very good autonomy
  • It comes with a screen to see real-time driving information
  • High price
  • You can not put a second battery
  • Only available in one color
  • Does not have advanced damping system
Total score