JBL Tune 215, you will love these headphones (and they are very cheap)

jbl tune 215 56.jpg
jbl tune 215 56.jpg

We are not going to fool ourselves: premium range products are the most desired by most of us, but it is not always what we can buy. Whether for economic reasons or simply because we don’t need as much, it’s great that there are other options on the market focused on a more modest or less demanding audience. And for all of them, today we talk about the JBL Tune 215a very interesting product, with good performance and a crazy price.

We are going to know everything about them below: their strongest points but also their weakest ones, their technical characteristics, the images of their design and the store where you can buy them at the best price, with interesting offers updated the same day you are reading this. Prepared? We start now.

Design of the JBL Tune 215BT

these JBL Tune 215BT are some sport style bluetooth headphones. What does it mean? Although you do not need to connect them by cable to the mobile or tablet with which you want to use them, they do have a cable that connects them to each other and that you can place behind your neck to make it more comfortable for you. This method has followers and detractors, those who value comfort and the security that your headphones will not fall off (although this method is already well polished in true wireless, but this double security never hurts), while others consider that the cable can get annoying.

JBL Tune 215

But this cable is not only used to better hold the headphones. It also has a small remote control with three buttons to be able to control our music or calls. The cable, in case you doubt it, is anti-tangle, so you won’t have to worry about this.

As for the headphones, they are soft and fit very comfortably, very ergonomic.

We have it available in four colors: black, blue, gold and white.

With JBL Pure Bass sound

these headphones JBL They are very modest, they do not claim otherwise, but that is not why they play in sound quality. They come with technology JBL Pure Bass, with good bass treatment and high power. In case you didn’t take it into account, JBL has been working in the field of sound for more than 70 years, so they have plenty of experience and reputation.

JBL Tune 215

They come with drivers for 12.5mmthe earphone sensitivity is 118dB and the frequency is 20 – 20000Hz. So that we can answer calls without fear of not being heard clearly, it has a integrated microphone, that we can mute when we don’t want to be heard. For example, it has happened to all of us (especially if we are teleworking) that the messenger arrives while we are taking a call. We will be able to mute the microphone without cutting the call and so that the interlocutor does not listen to the conversation, for example, when they ask us for the DNI to sign for the receipt of the package.

Finally, mention that you have voice assistant support.

Battery and connectivity

Being headphones wireless, it is quite important that the battery and connectivity meet our expectations. In this sense, we have Bluetooth 5.0, very stable and with a good range. In addition, it has multipoint connection, which allows us to switch from one device to another so as not to miss anything. For example, continuing with the practical cases, we can be listening to music on the computer and quickly switch to the mobile if a call comes in, all automatically. Keep in mind that it does not have a 3.5 mm connection, so you can only connect it with the aforementioned bluetooth.

JBL Tune 215

As for its battery, it offers us great autonomy. Until 16 hoursThank you to your 130mAh, so that you can accompany us for several days, even if the days are long. To recharge it, we only need a USB and 2 hours. If we don’t have time, 10 minutes of charging will be enough to have another additional hour, something that gives us a lot of peace of mind if we need to make a call that we had forgotten or if we are going to leave home or the office and want to go to our destination listening music.

Technical characteristics of the JBL Tune 215

JBL Tune 215
Colour Black / White / Blue / Gold
Compatible with voice assistants Yes
Microphone Integrated
Remote control 3 buttons
drivers 12.5mm
Driver Sensitivity 118dB
Dynamic frequency response 20Hz–20kHz
Noise Cancellation Not
Technologies JBL Pure Bass
Connection Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Autonomy: Up to 17 hours
  • Quick charge: Yes (1 additional hour in 10 minutes)
Box contents
  • 1 x JBL Tune 215 Headphones
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • manuals

You can find these wired bluetooth headphones on amazontoo in FNAC and in other stores like Carrefour or even in Media Markt.

Are they worth it? If you find them for about 30 euros, they are a very good option. It is a model that boasts sound quality and having a manufacturer like JBL at its service. In addition, the format is ideal for people who are going to be in front of a computer all day, but also if you are going to go by public transport or even if you are going to play sports, it is a format that has few models on the market but that works very good.

In addition, the battery is generous and charges very quickly, so it also stands out in this regard. So what is missing? We miss some noise cancellation, but considering that we are dealing with a modest range, we cannot expect much more. In summary, it complies, if it is what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed, as long as you keep in mind that it is a simple and cheap model.

  • good sound quality
  • very comfortable design
  • Good sound technologies
  • Excellent autonomy
  • Good charging time
  • Includes fast charge
  • Good value for money
  • They don’t have noise cancellation.
  • Not a fully wireless model
Total score