JBL T210, cheap headphones that are totally worth it

jbl t210 destacada.jpg
jbl t210 destacada.jpg

The JBL T210 They’re about as basic headphones as the manufacturer can make them, but they’re still Amazon’s recommended choice when looking for something in the headphone category, which leads us to wonder what’s going on here. Is it enough that they come from a recognized brand like JBL? Or do they take their place in a deserved way? That is what we will find out this time.

On the other hand, if the leads don’t rhyme with you, then you might be better off getting to know the leads. JBL Reflect Flow PROwhich we can praise for their IP68 certification, noise cancellation and autonomy.

Technical characteristics of the JBL T210 headphones

JBL T210
Kind in-ears
sound mode Stereo
drivers 8.7mm diameter
Frequency / total harmonic distortion 20Hz–20kHz
input impedance 16.0 ohms
microphones Yes
wireless Not
Characteristics Sound JBL Pure Bass Sound
Package content TUNE210 Pair of Headphones, Ear Tips (S, M, L), Case, Warning Card, Warranty Card.
manufacturer site JBL.es


There is not much to say in this aspect, they are in-ear headphones Like any other pair we’ve seen, but with the advantage of having a flat cable to avoid tangles and having a metallic-finish casing next to the JBL logo to distinguish them from the competition.

JBL T210 - Design

It is clear that they are cheap headphones, but despite that they are strong, lightweight and fit comfortably in the ear, which is what is really important here. Naturally they ship with 3 different sized ear tips so something can be done to improve the fit.

Likewise, we find them available in 3 very sober color presentations: pink, gray and black.

sound and features

The JBL T210 boast the sound Pure Bass JBL that characterizes the company’s headphones, but obviously we can’t expect quality on par with what the company’s flagship products offer, but for the price these headphones have, it’s more than good what they can deliver.

Going into detailsthe bass sounds punchy and deep, but not over the top, You could say they bring more low-mids than sub-bass, but they still don’t sound unbalanced at all. The bass is energetic enough to cover any genre of music without sounding boomy or intrusive.

JBL T210

On the other hand, the sound has warm mids with clear enough high mids, while low mids are somewhat muted, which makes low voices feel dominated by other audio frequencies. At the same time, his means are not harsh at all.

The treble of the JBL T210 has some brightness for normal sessions, but do not convey a great deal of detail. In other words, don’t expect to hear bright or detailed highs, but don’t worry about piercing or hissy peaks either.

Lastly, it should be noted that They have a remote control and a microphone. so they can be used hands-free and there is a way to control music playback from the headphones.

JBL T210 - Features

Availability and price of the JBL T210

Those interested in the JBL T210 can purchase them via Amazon.comwhere they are a sales hit, but they can also be found available at Media Markt for a competitive price. In addition, Worten has them for sale and buy them from Carrefour is not a bad idea either. As a last alternative we can suggest look for them in Fnac.


  • Very but very cheap
  • Comfortable to wear and resistant
  • The sound is not bad at what they cost


  • Very basic in almost all aspects
  • Lower voices sound a bit distant