iScooter i9 or iScooter i9 Pro, what are the differences?

iscooter i9 pro.jpg
iscooter i9 pro.jpg

Electric scooters became fashionable a couple of years ago, when we began to see how the streets were filled with them. Now, we can no longer consider it a “fashion” as such, because fashions are temporary and these vehicles are here to stay and to change the way we move around the city. There are many and varied reasons why a person may want to have an electric scooter, that is why there are as many models as there are needs. Some are more basic and cheaper, others more powerful and more expensive, such as the Jano bike X20. Today we are talking about an intermediate point i9 scooterwhich has a small evolution in the i9 Pro iscooter.

If you want to know them and understand what their strengths and weaknesses are and what is the difference between the two, keep reading because in this article we will tell you everything you need to know about these models. We will focus this article on the iScooter i9 and in cases where there is any difference with the iScooter i9 Pro it will be indicated. Otherwise, they are shared characteristics. With that cleared up, here we go!

iScooter i9 Design

The iScooter i9 has dimensions of 106 x 48 cm (folded) and 106 x 109 cm (unfolded) and its weight is 12.5kg. In the case of the iScooter i9 Pro we have dimensions of 106 x 115 cm (unfolded) and a weight of 13.5kg.

scooter i9

Available in color blackit has details in color red giving it a sportier look. The maximum weight supported is 120kg. A very interesting detail is that it has resistance IP54that is, we can enter dusty terrain or even go through small puddles or ride in the rain without the scooter breaking down, although you should keep in mind that riding in these conditions can be more dangerous for you.

In the field of lighting, we have a small lighthouse at the front and a rear brake light to warn other drivers that we are braking. However, this lighting is somewhat deficient and we recommend you buy a more powerful spotlight or even reflectors for the sides so that they can see you well when riding at night.

The same happens with the doorbell Built-in is fine, but if you can change it for a more powerful speaker it will be better. We also have on the handlebar a color screen where we can see very useful information such as the speed at which we are driving, the remaining autonomy, the driving mode, etc. We also have a small lever for the cruise controlwith which we can set a constant speed to make our circulation more comfortable.

Brakes, speed… what can you ask of this scooter?

This iScooter i9 incorporates a 350W, which allows us to have great power and acceleration. You can climb hills up to 20 degree tilt without disheveled, so you can move smoothly through most of the streets of your city. In terms of speed, the iScooter i9 model is capable of reaching 25km/hwhile the iScooter i9 Pro reaches 35km/h. Apart from the dimensions and weight, this is the main difference between the two models. They also incorporate a double disc brake and wheels of 8.5 inches. They are not the largest on the market, since the most stable ones reach about 10 inches.

scooter i9

We have three driving modes: for the base model they are 15km/h – 20km/h – 25km/h while for the Pro we have 10km/h – 25km/h – 30km/h.

Another very interesting aspect of scooters that we must take into account when buying a scooter is the battery. In both cases it gives us an autonomy of 25km, is not too generous but to go and return to work, if you are less than 10 km away, it will be enough. Then remember to put it on charge at night to have it back at 100% for the next day. Its charging time is 4-5 hours.

Finally, we want to emphasize that we can control it via app. From here we can see data about our circulation, the kilometers we have done, the speed, etc. In addition, we will be able to download updates that improve the performance of your device is very important. It also has a certain social character, since it allows us to share some of this data with our friends and family.

Technical characteristics of the iScooter i9 / iScooter i9 Pro

iScooter i9 / iScooter i9 Pro
Dimensions 106 x 48 cm (folded) and 106 x 109 cm (unfolded) // 106 x 115 cm (unfolded)
Weight 12.5kg // 13.5kg
Color Black with red details
Maximum weight supported 120kg
Cruise control Yes
color screen Yes
Doorbell Yes
Endurance IP54
Engine 350W
Climbing slopes 20 degree tilt
Maximum speed 25km/h // 35km/h
Brakes double disc brake
Wheel 8.5 inches
driving modes 15km/h – 20km/h – 25km/h // 10km/h – 25km/h – 30km/h
Battery autonomy 25km
Battery charging time 4 – 5 hours
App available Yes

We can find the iScooter i9 model on amazonbut also in other stores as Geekbuying or also like aliexpress. For its part, the iScooter i9 Pro model is found in the same stores: from amazon to other shops as Geekbuying and also on Aliexpress.

Due to the few differences between both models, it seems that the iScooter i9 has a better value for money and it is the model that we would recommend between these two options. In any case, either of these two scooters gives us good power, a comfortable and stable design and the correct qualities for us to ride safely.

  • can be folded
  • good power
  • Includes screen with useful information
  • The cuffs are non-slip
  • Reach the maximum speed allowed by law
  • The wheels are quite stable
  • The loading time is not very long
  • Good value for money
  • Light weight

  • Autonomy is mediocre
  • The illumination of his headlight is insufficient and we recommend that you buy another one.
  • You should also change the doorbell for a more powerful speaker

Total score