Is it possible to send a fake location by WhatsApp?

is it possible to send a fake location by whatsapp
is it possible to send a fake location by whatsapp

WhatsApp allows us to send the location in real time to our contacts. This is something that can be very useful on some occasions, but in other circumstances it is possible that the location request leaves us somewhat misplaced … and we really do not want to share it. We are not going to go into assessing the reasons why you may want to hide your location, either by surprising someone else or perhaps because you are where you shouldn’t be, be that as it may. today we teach you to send a false location by WhatsApp in this little tutorial.

Practical guide: So you can send a fake location by WhatsApp

Sending the location is something that most of us already know how to do and that almost all of us have used this useful tool at some time. But if you find yourself in the event that you don’t want to send the actual location, these are the steps you should follow to confuse the recipient of this information.

The first thing you have to do is click on the Clip and now on Location. The map will open and with it a marker that you can move by hand. Where you put the marker, that’s where the other person will see that “you are.”

If what you want is send a location in real time it is somewhat more complicated. You will need your phone to be root and use apps like Fake GPS (Do you remember when it was used for apps like Pokemon go?).


But if you are the one who is receiving this information and you have doubts about its veracity, we will tell you how you can find out. In the case of real-time location it is more difficult, but there is an indicator when they send us a static location. In this case, if under the location you see a link in blue, you have all the ballots of being deceived by WhatsApp.