iPhone 15 Pro, the look it will have comes to light

iphone 15 pro sale a la luz el look que tendra.jpg
iphone 15 pro sale a la luz el look que tendra.jpg

Despite the fact that we are several months away from its presentation, the next Apple flagship already gives a lot to talk about; especially after its design emerged thanks to renders published by 9to5Mac. It should be noted that these renders were made based on the CAD files provided by Apple itself to manufacturers of covers and cases in Asia so that they can start production in advance. You already know the direction this story will take; one of those manufacturers shared the CAD files under the table with 9to5Mac and here’s a first look at the iphone 15 Pro design.

The iPhone 15 Pro welcomes the USB-C port

The iPhone 15 Pro is not very different from its predecessor in general terms, but that was to be expected. However, when we focus on an Apple device-only context, a mango change is taking place: the abandonment of Apple’s lightning port in favor of the USB Type-C standard.

iPhone 15 Pro Renders - Image via 9to5Mac

Leaving that aside, another notable change is in the curvature of the edges, both in the glass and in the metal frame. Similarly, you can see that the frame itself is more curved than before and there is a smoother transition from frame to glass. This should make the phone even more comfortable to hold.

On the sides there are slight changes to the volume keys and mute button; the latter now looks rounder. According to previous rumors, it may be that in the iPhone 15 Pro all these buttons are capacitive instead of physical, but at the moment they are only rumors and it is impossible to confirm them based on these images.

Be that as it may, it seems the photographic module of the iPhone 15 Pro will be thicker than in the previous generation, which would indicate a considerable improvement to the sensors and lenses. In any case, the distribution of sensors remains unchanged.

iPhone 15 Pro Render - Image via 9to5Mac

With all that said, it is important to warn the public that these renders are based on an early CAD model of the iPhone 15 Pro. Therefore, they may not be entirely accurate or may be missing some details, after all, your sole purpose is to communicate to the manufacturers of covers / cases the necessary measures.

Via | 9to5Mac