IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera, to monitor and protect your home

imilab c21 home security camera destacada.jpg
imilab c21 home security camera destacada.jpg

The IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera It is an advanced IP camera from one of those small brands in the Xiaomi ecosystem, in this case, IMILAB. However, the manufacturer is irrelevant here, given that it is clear that the IMILAB C21 stands up quite well on its own, offering a professional 4MP sensor capable of capturing crystal clear images with QHD resolution. Being a surveillance camera, it comes loaded with relevant functions, such as people detection, active alarm, night vision, sound detection and remote control; But there are also additional perks, such as compatibility with Amazon Alexa and 2-way audio.

If you are interested in knowing it in greater detail – and perhaps take advantage of a good offer – we advise you to stay with us until the end.

IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera Technical Specifications

IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera
Model CMSXJ21E
Colour White
Dimensions 112 × 76 × 76mm
Weight 289g
Pack size 160 × 90 × 90mm
Night vision 6 x 940nm infrared LEDs
Voltage input 5V = 2A
Connectivity WiFi: 2.4 / 5GHz
Opening F1.4
Angle 100 °
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Focus 3.6mm
Smart Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, IMILAB Home APP
Distance 10m
Voice Bidirectional
Storage Cloud, Micro SD (Maximum 64 GB)
Package content IMILAB C21 IP camera, USB cable, Power adapter, Installation package, Manual.
Manufacturer site

This is the IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera

The IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera is not very different from the average home IP camera, although it does have airs that remind us of the Xiaomi 360 Camera, and that is something that is obviously due to the dome design with a minimalist white finish.

As you can see, it is a compact and lightweight device that we can place anywhere without attracting attention, measuring only 112 × 76 × 76mm.

IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera

Either way, the IMILAB C21 has a motorized base It allows 360 degree horizontal free rotation. In the same way, another motorized part in the part of the camera allows a vertical movement of 110 ° degrees. Therefore, no angle should escape you when recording. It should be noted that the motors are silent, which is why it is suitable for tasks that require discretion, such as monitoring a baby at night.

IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera - Design

Further, the camera can be placed on a multitude of surfaces using the installation package included with the purchase. We can, for example, the wall, window and even the ceiling in an inverted position, although it should be noted that for the latter it will be necessary to make minor adjustments in the configuration.

IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera - Installation

Finally, it should be noted that this IP camera requires to be connected to the current at all times, it does not work with batteries. For this purpose we will find a micro-USB port In the back.

Features of this IP camera

First and foremost, this high resolution IP camera uses a 4MP professional sensor that provides a quality 2,560 x 1,440 pixel QHD, twice 1080p, which is more than fine for the price. The F2.0 aperture lens makes sure to capture enough light when shooting, even in dimly lit environments, so it can perform its function respectable at night.

IMILAB C21 - Camera Features

The performance of the photographic sensor may not seem very impressive on paper, but in the end this camera is not designed to take photos to upload to Instagram, it is a purely utilitarian device with functions designed to monitor the home.

One of those functions is human detection, which means that the camera is equipped with artificial intelligence that allows you to differentiate people from pets and follow the first ones. The latter also means that it generates fewer false alarms.

IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera - Night Vision

Another form of detection that it has is soundThanks to the installed microphone, it can alert you if it detects loud noises in your home, such as breaking glass, for example.

Also, recorded footage can be stored locally using the included Micro-SD card slot (maximum 64GB), but an alternative is upload it to the cloud using the IMILAB platform. The negative of the matter is that we will have to pay for a monthly or annual plan to be able to access this benefit, so not everything is rosy.

App and compatibility with Amazon Alexa

To get the most out of the IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera, we will need the companion app IMILAB Home App for mobile phones with iOS and Android, which will allow us to take advantage of many functions, including remote control of the camera, change the settings and also receive notifications in case of detecting a person or suspicious noise.


Another possibility that the app offers us is the two-way communication, which basically allows us to use the device as an independent webcam to communicate with those who are at home; you will be able to hear and see them and they will also see you.

However, not everything is perfect with this camera, many users report incidents with the app, ranging from problems when counting via Wi-Fi, to some delay with the functions. Fortunately, the Amazon Alexa compatibility It compensates a bit for these flaws, since it is possible to control it with voice commands through the corresponding Alexa Skill.

The IMILAB C21 is compatible with Amazon Alexa

Availability and price of the IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera

As you will see, this is a very complete IP camera in terms of functions, which is capable of monitoring your home while you are away, but which can also be used as a baby monitor and even to keep in contact with our loved ones thanks to 2-way audio. However, we feel that the app needs love or, rather, a revision to correct the many bugs that users report. Despite the latter, it is still a solid device for home protection, especially when considering its price, which brings us to the next section.

In this sense, the IMILAB C21 Home Security Camera is available for your buy through AliExpress for a very affordable price of $ 49.99, but we can make that price even better by applying the discount code at the end (500 units), which leaves the final cost at only $ 29.99 (25.91 euros).

Coupon Code: DQGS63B9C21

Valid until: PST Oct 11 @ 0:00 – Oct 15 @ 24:00

  • Good image quality
  • Night vision
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • 2-way audio
  • Human tracking

  • The App leaves something to be desired
  • You have to pay for the cloud storage service

Total score


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