IENYRID B2, an entry-level e-bike with plenty of speed

ienyrid b2 destacada.jpg
ienyrid b2 destacada.jpg

The ienyrid B2 It is an affordable electric bike that stands out for its 400W motor that provides a top speed of 45KM/h. This model is characterized by its compact size with an arched frame and a dolphin shape, which houses a battery that promises up to 60KM of autonomy. Due to its low price and competent features, the B2 is shaping up to be a more than decent option for urban mobility, but there are some considerations to take into account, and all of that we will explore in this post.

That said, this is a small model with 14-inch tires, so if you were looking for a larger option, you might be interested in the SUD R1a 20-inch luxury urban e-bike.

Technical characteristics of the IENYRID B2

Dimensions folded/unfolded 1170 x 500 x 990mm / 1170 x 220 x 720mm
Weight 18KG
Colors Black
Drums 48V/7.5Ah rechargeable lithium battery
Autonomy 40KM – 50/60KM with assistance
Loading time 6 hours
Screen No, battery indicator
connectivity Nope
integrated engine 400W
Maximum speed 45km/h
Maximum admitted weight up to 120kg
tire size 14 inches
brake mode Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Materials Aluminium alloy
Gearbox Nope
Accessories included
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Additional saddle
Manufacturer’s site

A compact e-bike with a peculiar design

As you can see, the IENYRID B2 is clearly a model with reduced dimensions (1170 x 500 x 990mm) with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame featuring a peculiar dolphin shape, which embraces a polycarbonate compartment that houses the battery inside. This compartment has a wrist that allows you to place your hand to load the bike.

In another order of ideas, the tires are 14″ and according to the manufacturer they are highly durable and non-slip.

IENYRID B2 - Design

Thinking of the user’s comfort, the manufacturer has installed a shock absorber just below the saddle, but as expected, the front fork does not have the same benefit. Additionally, a stem and a second saddle are included with the purchase, so we could consider it as a tandem bike for an adult and a child, but in view of its small size we think it would be very uncomfortable.

Changing the subject, this is supposed to be a folding bikebut really everything what can be folded is the handlebar tube, which brings its dimensions to 1170 x 220 x 720mm. Since it is also very compact and easy to transport or store, we cannot lower points.

folding bike

On the other hand, what we can criticize is the lack of a speedometer. Nowadays we are used to seeing a screen on even the cheapest of electric bikes, but unfortunately the IENYRID B2 is one of the exceptions to the rule. The only thing it has in its possession is a 4-dot battery gauge near the throttle, and it does a poor job of telling us how much battery power it has left.

For driving at night there is a front led headlightbut the rear brake light is conspicuous by its absence.

B2 - Details

Engine and features

Powering the IENYRID B2 is a 400W brushless motor delivering a speed of 45KM/h and torque of 18Nm. It is definitely a fast e-bike, perhaps too fast for its own good, as it will need to be registered to ride legally in most European countries.

Be that as it may, the manufacturer ensures that it has what it takes to climb slopes with an incline of 15 ° and support a maximum load of 120 kilograms, which is not bad at all for an e-bike of this size and price.

IENYRID B2 - Engine

Naturally, the bike has 3 driving modes, fully electric, manual and pedal assistance. However, it does not have a speed selector or transmission system, but it does have a cruise mode to maintain the current speed. The downside of the matter is that without a speedometer we will not have a precise idea of ​​how fast we are moving.

In another order of ideas, to stop you have in your power mechanical disc brakes on both tires that promise dry braking in a matter of 3 meters (at a speed of 25KM/h).

IENYRID B2 - Features

Again, there’s no damping for the front fork, but there is for the saddle, which is unusual for an e-bike at this price point, so thumbs up for that.


Feeding the engine we ran into a 48V/7.5Ah rechargeable lithium battery inside the frame. According to official data, it can deliver 45 kilometers of travel in electric mode, which is great for a bike in this price range. The offer gets better when considering that the figure for the pedal assist mode amounts to 50 – 60 kilometers.

IENYRID B2 - Battery

However, it is important to note that it requires about 6 hours to recover 100% capacity and that it is not removable. The latter is not a big problem as it is an e-bike so small and easy to take inside the house for a recharge.

Availability and price of the IENYRID B2

In short, the IENYRID B2 is emerging as a solid option for urban mobility, being ideal for short walks, going to work, the mall or a friend’s house. It has no off-road pretensions nor does it aspire to extreme sports, but that is more than clear. What could deter us from buying it is the lack of a speedometer, gear selector and taillight.

The 45KM/h speed could also be a problem, but that depends on your region’s laws for this class of vehicles and there are ways around it, so we’re not counting that as a negative.

With all that said, those interested in getting their hands on the IENYRID B2 can find it at classic amazon online storebut we also got for sale at for a similar price.

  • powerful and fast
  • Affordable
  • very compact
  • cushioned saddle

  • only has one speed
  • Does not have a rear light
  • no screen
  • somewhat heavy

Total score