Huawei Watch Buds, we tested this great 2-in-1 smartwatch

He huawei WatchBuds may seem at first glance a smart watch As the Watch GT 3SE. However, the surprise is capital when you discover that under its classic appearance of Smart watch hides, never better said, its own headphones. Turns out this is a all in one device, incredible true? Well keep reading. we have had the smart watch a few days, courtesy of Huaweiand we tell you everything about him.

Presentation and design of the smart watch Huawei Watch Buds

He watch buds of Huawei it’s a Smart watch who, like so many others, makes life easier for us, encourages us to be most active and pretends improve our healthy habits. However, it has a feature that distinguishes it from the set of similar proposals. the accessory 2 in 1.

Huawei WatchBuds

The premium appearance of the box anticipates that you are facing an unusual device

Again, Huawei deliver the clock in an attractive box. But only a great image of the product serves the purpose of illustrating the user. That is to say, there are no indicated characteristics or specifications on the packaging.

Huawei WatchBuds

A luxurious presentation of a product whose quality is obvious

Well, the simple opening of the box reveals an interior that preserves the aesthetic elegance of the exterior and the device at your fingertips. As expected, he is accompanied by the usb charging cable and documentation.

Huawei WatchBuds

The usual accessories of a watch and headphones

Physical appearance of the Watch Buds watch

He Huawei WatchBuds it is a very device elegant. Although it looks like classic wristwatch and is distributed only in color black. Now it weighs 66 gramsnot counting the strap, and has a thickness of about 15mm. For this reason, it is not one of the lightest or thinnest that we have tried. However, it has a logical explanation: inside houses headphones.

Huawei WatchBuds

An elegant and sober design, made of stainless steel with a leather strap

Specifically, the headphones weigh 4 gramseach, and measure 21.8mm × 10.3mm × 10.3mm. The fact is that to access them, just press a eyelash which raises the face of the clock. AND voila! Magnetically attached to the lid, they wait for you to use them.

Huawei WatchBuds

The genius merges headphones and watch in the Huawei Watch Buds

Technical details and features of the Huawei Watch Buds

Once I have seen and commented on the aesthetics of the watch, I will go on to break down its functionalities and technical arguments.

Huawei WatchBuds

An intelligent device equipped with sensors that make your life easier

smart watch screen

It turns out that a few have already passed through my wrist smart watch of Huawei this years. So far, they have never let me down on an element as crucial as the screen, and this model does not either. Once again I find a wonderful panel AMOLED whose size of 1.43 inches, and resolution of 466 x 466 pixelsthey look fantastic. In fact, the vision is perfectwithout being intimidated by daylight, demonstrating in each recording a great sharpness. Of course, the sphere of touch screen you can change it to taste, choosing between infinite designs.

Huawei WatchBuds

1.43-inch AMOLED screen


In truth, this manufacturer is reluctant to reveal the capacity of the battery integrated in its smart watches. So the only thing we have as a reference, regarding the Huawei WatchBuds is the word of a company typical autonomy for three days. It is certainly quite inferior to what other can offer smart watch, but the reason is understandable having to replace some headphones. What’s more, the capacity of them is not indicated either, only that they hold a maximum of 4 hours playing music.

Huawei WatchBuds

Up to 3 days of autonomy

watch connectivity

Like other devices of its kind, it is mandatory that you pair the watch budsWith technology bluetoothto someone smartphone with operating system EMUI, iOS either Android. In addition, you must first install the health application of Huawei. Of course, you must be registered in it.

Huawei WatchBuds

Link it to your mobile with the Huawei health app in no time

Review of functionalities

Decidedly, the versatility of this watch has a prominent point in sports activity. In sum, they are more than 80 the training modes at our disposal. just like a personal trainer it challenges us, without a doubt it pushes you to improve in the exercises you practice. Now, due to the special design of the device, it is not waterproof. Although headphones yes they are resistant to water and dust How do you certify your classification? IP54.

Huawei WatchBuds

A large number of interesting functions arranged on your wrist

Ultimately, the Huawei WatchBuds is a guarantor of your Health & Wellness. Due to the fact that, among other things, it measures the SpO2 levels and continuously monitor your heart rate. In addition, perform a thorough sleep trackinganalyzing the quality of your daily rest.

Huawei WatchBuds

Over 80 training modes and personalized running plans

Of course, the watch integrates with the phone like a charm to answer messageseither answer calls. So complementing with the companion headphones, you will enjoy your music favorite and you can even mitigate the external hustle and bustle with a Noise Cancellation more than acceptable. By the way, it’s great touch control that the brand has developed for its light audio accessory, since the touches of command are detected also around the ear and not exclusively those gadget Sound.

Huawei WatchBuds

The lightweight headphones with adaptive technology and noise cancellation

Technical data of the Huawei Watch Buds

Here are the specifications of this smart watch:

Huawei WatchBuds
clock design
Weight approx. 66.5g (without strap)
Dimensions 47mm × 47.5mm × 14.99mm
wrist size 140 – 210mm
  • Stainless steel
  • 22mm leather strap
Color Black
Headphone design
Weight approx. 4 g (with head size M)
Dimensions 21.8mm × 10.3mm × 10.3mm

Headphone length includes M size head

heads L, M, S (M pre-installed)
screen technology AMOLED color touch
Dimension 1.43 inches
Resolution 466 x 466 pixels (IPP 326)
Guy rechargeable
  • Complete device: 3 days for typical use
  • Headphones fully charged:
    • 4 hours of music playback or 2.5 hours of calls with noise cancellation off
    • 3 hours of music playback or 2 hours of calls with noise cancellation enabled
Burden 9V/2A
connection ports
loading port wireless charging
bluetooth Compatible
GPS Compatible
nfc Compatible
functions and features
Audio Headphones: Speaker and microphone
  • 6-axis inertials (acceleration sensor and gyroscope sensor)
  • Optical Heart Rate 5.0
  • environmental optic
  • Hall effect
  • Capacitive and bone conduction component (VACC)
waterproof level
  • Headphones: IP54 rating
  • The watch has a hinged cover which does not make it waterproof
sports functions More than 80 training modes
mobile synchronization Calls and messages, music, etc.
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • HUAWEI TruSleep™ 3.0, sleep tracking and analysis
  • Measurements of SpO2 levels
  • stress relief
System Requirements
  • Android 7.0 or later
  • EMUI 12 or later
  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • multifunction button:
    • Supports pressing, but does not support rotation-based interactions such as zooming in or out and scrolling a list
  • lid opening
Box contents
  • Clock
  • 2 headphones (with M size heads)
  • 2 heads (1 pair size L and 1 pair size S)
  • Charging base (with cable)
  • Quick start guide, safety information and warranty card

Conclusions about the Huawei Watch Buds

Huawei WatchBuds

A super stylish watch with which to complement your digital life and control your health

There is no doubt that the incorporation of headphones as an integral part of the clock is the hook of Huawei WatchBuds. Certainly, the great idea of ​​the manufacturer, solved with simplicity but with tremendous charm, causes surprise and impact the first time you use it. However, the product is much more than that, fortunately. In fact it is an excellent device constructionwith a timeless style that goes well with everything. It turns out that it has everything you can expect on a functional level in a smart watcha smooth performance as befits a current device, and innovations as remarkable as the amazing touch control of the headphones that extends practically throughout the ear.

Therefore, although the clock Huawei WatchBuds has had a fleeting passage through our newsroom, it has been enough to realize its quality, worthy of the Gizlogic Gold Award.

Giz Awards 2018

  • Unique in its class, by housing the headphones in its sphere.
  • Screen quality.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Very varied functions.
  • Applications to control health and improve physical fitness.

  • Just a color version.

Total score

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