HUAWEI WATCH Buds: watch + TWS headphones, all in one

huawei watch buds.jpg
huawei watch buds.jpg

One of the most original gadgets that huawei has launched in recent years has just landed in Spain. It’s about the HUAWEI watch Budsa watch that incorporates tws headphones inside.

Technical characteristics of the HUAWEI WATCH Buds

As we told you, this HUAWEI WATCH Buds is, at first glance, a smart watch. But the surprise comes when we open your pop up magnetic coverwhich “hides” under it some true wireless headphones. In this way, we will not have to reach into the bag or backpack to grab the headphones when a call comes in. We will always have them close.

But what about its technical specifications? If we talk about the clock, we find a 1.43-inch color AMOLED displaywith resolution 466x466px. The case is made of steel and the strap is made of leather, making it a very elegant set. As for its functions, it has the usual ones for this type of gadget, the classic ones we can expect: exercise monitoring, health, notifications… Its autonomy reaches 7 days with energy saving or 3 days with average use.


Its thickness is barely 14.99 mm and it can boast the milestone of being the first smartwatch with integrated headphones. With a simple button, the lid opens and the two headphones appear, perfectly attached to the other side of the sphere. Here they charge themselves, thanks to the 360º Platinum Star charging. In addition, they include adaptive identification technologyso that the orientation of the headphones can be recognized regardless of whether we put them in the left or right ear.

We can also highlight its sound quality, supported by its quad magnetic full range planar diaphragm and his passive noise cancellation. It also comes with touch controls to control them with your fingers.

Availability and price

This 2 in 1 will be launched in Spain on March 1st for a price of 499 euro. If you reserve it before February 28 making an advance of 30 euros, you will have a 30 euro discount on the final price.

Via | Huawei