HUAWEI WATCH Buds: Availability and price in Spain

huawei watch buds.jpg
huawei watch buds.jpg

One of the most curious devices that we have been able to see in the Mobile World Congress 2023 It has come from huawei. The ultimate wearable combines smartwatch and headphones in a single body, without sacrificing quality features and the incorporation of new technologies. You can now buy the HUAWEI WATCH Buds in spain. We tell you what its price is and what gift it brings.

The most striking thing about this HUAWEI WATCH Buds

We recently told you about the characteristics of this original device. Here you can review all the technical specifications of the HUAWEI WATCH Buds. But we have already been able to test it and now we want to focus on those first impressions.

The construction of this device is quite premium, but without a doubt the biggest milestone is in the design of that fold-out magnetic cover, which is activated at the push of a button that is nicely integrated into the lower part of the crown. The headphones are perfectly supported thanks to a 360º magnetized. That is, no matter what position you place them in, they immediately attach to their base. The thickness, with 14.99mmIt is not an exaggeration, although it is true that on small wrists a forceful watch does look.


What has caught our attention the most has been its Wide Area Ear Touch Control. That is, now the gesture control is not integrated into the headset, you can access it simply by touching your ears, thanks to the bone vibration.

And finally, we have also been curious about its autonomy, with an average of three days using both a watch and headphones or seven days in energy saving modewhich removes the charging function from the headphones and supplies all the power to the watch.

availability and price

They are already available in Spain for a price of 499 euros. can be found in the Huawei storewhere he also arrives with the scale HUAWEI Scale 3 as a gift.