Huawei Sound Joy, we tested the speaker signed by Devialet

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huawei soundjoy.jpg

From the hand of" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Devialet this new speaker arrives from" target="_blank" rel="noopener">huawei, a commitment to good sound with an interesting design and outstanding autonomy. We have already been able to test it and In this review we tell you our opinions about this Huawei Sound Joya model that has left us quite positive impressions and that you can now find on sale.

Huawei Sound Joy Design

This Huawei Sound Joy is available in two colors, black and greenand comes with dimensions of 202x73mm. His weight is 680 grams. It is a model designed for mobility, so that you can take it wherever you want, but strong enough so that if you prefer to have it at home, in your office, in your living room or wherever you want to place it, it can have enough entity to become one more element of your decoration.

With cylindrical design and with a fabric covering, very pleasant to the touch and to the eye, it has a strap so you can hang it or carry it in your hand. Huawei’s letters take center stage in relief effect, in addition to its two legs so you can place it vertically or horizontally. As for the physical keypad, we have it divided into two sections: on the one hand, it has a module with the power button, microphone, play/pause, bluetooth and stereo; on the other, we have two large volume +/- buttons. Are we missing something? Yes, we do not have a button to advance or rewind song.

Huawei SoundJoy

In the upper and lower part we have the diaphragm of the speakers that move to the rhythm of the music, very interesting and curious. In addition, it includes a ring of lights, they also change and move with your music.

Finally, note that it has a resistance IP67which make it resistant to splashes, dust… Ideal to take it to the pool, use it in the bathroom or incorporate it into our next field trip.

sound quality

Of course, the most important thing about this type of device is the sound quality. It is useless for a manufacturer to make an effort to make a beautiful speaker with an attractive design if after turning it on it does not cover with a minimum. This Huawei Sound Joy stands out in the field of sound, and as technical details we can mention that it has a 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range, one 20 W full-range speaker, one 10 W tweeter, and two passive radiators. Their 0.25l acoustic cavity offers us a very high level of volume, capable of reaching the 79dB.

Huawei SoundJoy

One part that we liked a lot is that, despite choosing a high volume, we do not have distortions in the sound. You will hear your music with enough quality, clarity and powerful bass.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it has three microphones which in turn are supported by a g-sensorwhich is used to switch between them and capture the sound horizontally or vertically.

Software, connectivity and battery

These are three other very interesting aspects when considering a wireless speaker. We start with its connectivity, which precisely gives it this character without cables, and we find Bluetooth 5.2 and also NFC, thanks to which we can transfer content with a single touch. Keep in mind that this option is not available on iOS, only on Android 5.1 and later mobiles that have this connectivity.

Regarding its battery, we have a capacity of 8,800mAhwhich translates into an average autonomy time of 26 hours. Of course, this typical use is reduced if you use the speaker on calls or if you raise the volume to the limit. Loading is done via USB-C.

And finally we want to talk about the software and it is that this Huawei Sound Joy can be linked with the HUAWEI AI Life appfrom which we can manage extra options, such as sound or lighting effects.

Huawei SoundJoy

Technical characteristics of the Huawei Sound Joy

Huawei SoundJoy
Dimensions 202x73mm
Weight 680 grams
Color black or green
carrying strap Yes
physical buttons Yes
Design fabric covering
Endurance IP67
sound level 79dB
microphones Three
Sensor G-sensor
Featured Items
  • 50Hz to 20kHz frequency range
  • 1 x 20W full range speaker
  • 1 x 10W tweeter
  • 2 x passive radiators
  • 0.25l acoustic cavity
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • NFC
  • Capacity: 8,800mAh
  • Autonomy: Up to 26 hours
  • Charging: USB-C
apps Huawei AI Life
Box contents
  • 1 x Huawei SoundJoy
  • 1 x USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • manuals

we have it available on amazon and also in FNAC.

Huawei has shown once again that it is capable of turning everything it touches into a success and with this Huawei Sound Joy it puts excellent sound and a design suitable for all audiences in our hands.

If you want to know more about another speaker of the very interesting brand, here we leave you the characteristics of the Huawei SoundX.

For all these reasons, we give the Huawei Mini Speaker the Gizaward of gold.


  • Design
  • Includes a lanyard to carry it
  • Bluetooth or NFC connectivity
  • Easy to use
  • We can use them in stereo
  • Very good sound quality
  • It has a very high volume
  • very good autonomy
  • IP67 resistance
  • Does not come with a carrying case
  • Can’t use NFC with iOS
  • Something heavy
Total score