HUAWEI P60 Pro has the best camera ever, according to DXOMARK

huawei p60 pro dxomark.jpg
huawei p60 pro dxomark.jpg

dxomark it’s a website that analyzes and compares the photographic section of smartphones and other devices to offer us a ranking with the best options on the market at all times. These tests are done with scientific measurements and perceptual analysis. And its latest report, DXOMARK has published which is the best smartphone in history in terms of mobile photography: huawei P60 Pro.

HUAWEI P60 Pro is crowned the best mobile photography smartphone in this new DXOMARK ranking

In this classification we find that the HUAWEI P60 Pro takes a score of 156 points, thanks to the scores obtained in the different parameters that make up this classification: photo (159 points), zoom (158 points) and bokeh (80 points). In addition, it has also managed to be Top Score in other specific categories, such as portraits, videos, group photos, photo and video in low light conditions, etc.

dxomark huawei p60 pro

In addition, he also achieved first place as Best Smartphone in Photography in 2023 according to TIPA. Huawei continues to win awards thanks to the technologies included in its new top of the range. For example, include focus on g light through a high-transmittance, large-aperture optical group and a RYYB SuperSensing sensor. Thus, whether it is at night or we are in a setting where it is quite dark, it will save the photo with a high level of detail.

It is also worth noting his physical auto-adjustable aperture f/1.4 – f/4.0, which also allows us to capture a scene with high dynamic range (HDR). And finally, we want to refer to your new telephotowhich also works in low light conditions.

Availability and price

Getting the best smartphone in photography in history has a price. Specifically, €1,199 if we opt for the 8 GB + 256 GB version or €1,399 if we go to the maximum, with 12 GB + 512 GB. Also, buying it before June 5 you take a HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 free.

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