HTC Wildfire E Ultra, new affordable mobile is listed ahead of time

Gone are the successful times of HTC as one of the most relevant mobile manufacturer brands in the market, and that is why there are fewer and fewer launches in the market on its part (in 2020 the HTC Desire 20 Pro arrived in Spain). Now, in order to gain a place in the most basic range of users, the existence of a new proposal has been leaked: HTC Wildfire E Ultra.

HTC Wildfire E Ultra will be the most basic smartphone of the Asian company to be launched on the market, even positioning itself in the last positions at the performance level if the current models of the competition are included. Thanks to its listing in Google Play Console, it is possible to have a clear idea of ​​some of its technical specifications most relevant and we review them below:

First features of HTC Wildfire E Ultra

HTC Wildfire E Ultra

HTC Wildfire E Ultra Leaked Document Capture

First of all it can be seen that the mobile makes no effort when it comes to its aesthetics, because despite the fact that the image that accompanies the documentation is really small, it still shows some really remarkable bezels around the four sides of the screen.

As a positive point is the presence of factory installed Android 11 operating system. Although when it arrives in stores, it will no longer be the most recent version of the Google platform on the market, at least it will be kept up to date enough to be able to use it without compatibility problems for several years.

Regarding its internal components, the list indicates the use of a Unisoc SC9863A processor composed of eight Cortex-A55 cores, plus a RAM memory of only 2 GB and the peculiarity of a screen that will only have a native resolution of 960 x 480 pixels, something that has hardly been on the market for a long time and that means that it will not even reach the HD standard.

Waiting for the rest of your specifications, It would be logical that the reason for the name HTC Wildfire E Ultra is oriented to the capacity and autonomy of its batterySince taking into account the low demands of your hardware it could be extended for a long number of hours of continuous use. Likewise, there is still no data in this regard to confirm this assumption.

You, have you had any HTC phones in recent years? What is your opinion of this manufacturer?

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