How to view the playback history on Spotify from mobile

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1609395989 408 Spotify.jpg

No one doubts that the large amount of music content available on Spotify it is combined with an overall ease of use that makes sense that more than 320 million users worldwide choose it as their preferred streaming service. However, some functions still they can be somewhat difficult to find, such is the case of the reproduction history.

At the moment there are differences in the information offered to users between the desktop version of Spotify and the mobile app, The latter has a “recently listened to” section that allows us to see only a small part of the music played during the last days, also showing the last groups and playlists chosen. So, to have a more extensive list, some additional steps must be taken.

History on Spotify via playlists


Creating lists expands the recent playback history on Spotify

For those who have the version of Spotify on computers there is no problem to access the “History”, since by clicking on the icon in the lower right part of the screen, a section with this name is specifically presented, which shows a list of the recently played songs.

In the case of mobile phones, be sure to have a recent version of the application, or failing that, update Spotify from the Google Play Store. Later it must click on the “Library” option in the lower right corner and open one of the playlists that have been created (or create one if you don’t have one).

Within the playlist menu you must touch on the option “add songs” and a list of music recommendations will be automatically displayed with genres and artists that one more has heard, among which a list with the last 100 recently listened songs will appear, which means that is where the history of each user is located.

Finally, by pressing and holding on the name of the song, an option will appear to directly play the song, as it is also feasible to click on the “+” icon to store it in a playlist and thus make sure you always have it on hand in case one may forget his name in the future.

In conclusion, Spotify’s attempt to keep its main mobile interface clean can make accessing traditional features more difficult from service. The good thing is that they are also available in some corner of the App.