How to send a WhatsApp without saving the number in Contacts

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We all, to a greater or lesser extent, use whatsapp. And beyond a means of communication with our friends or family, sometimes it has become a means to talk to third parties about work issues, with a neighbor or even to order food at home. If we keep each number we want to contact via WhatsApp in our agenda, it can be somewhat cumbersome, as well as making us lose some privacy. Therefore, today we want to tell you how to send a WhatsApp without saving the number in contacts. Let’s go there. It is easier than you think.

So you can send a WhatsApp without saving the number in Contacts

There are more reasons than we think for not wanting to keep a phone in our agenda. Two mainly occur to me, which are precisely those for which I use this method. The first one is for do not keep phones that I will not use again, for example, if I am going to order food at home or if I have to contact a courier who is going to bring me a package. If you start to clean the number from your agenda, you will see that there are many that you do not even know where they come from and they may be there simply because you have ever had to contact them by WhatsApp.

The second reason (and the one that seems most important to me) is to safeguard privacy. For example, I have configured that my statuses and my profile photo can only be seen by my contacts. If I add a stranger to my agenda for a topic that is not personal, I am opening the door for them to see those photos that I only want to share with those close to me.

send a whatsapp message to a number

Now that we have made you reflect, let’s go to the nougat. Is it possible to send a WhatsApp to a phone number, without having saved it in Contacts? Yes it is.

And it’s as simple as open the browser and look for this address:

Replace phone number with the number you want to write to, with the country code but without the 00 in front or +. After writing this route, WhatsApp app or WhatsApp web will open directly (depending on whether you have written it from your mobile or from your PC) and you can start chatting with that person.

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