How to know the health of the Apple Watch battery

salud de la bateria del apple watch 2.jpg
salud de la bateria del apple watch 2.jpg

The indicator of the apple watch or iPhone battery health It is one of the positive points of Apple. Although there is already a way to see the android battery health, the Cupertino company was the forerunner when it came to offering this information to the user. It is a very important metric that we have to assess to know if the battery of our device is already asking us for a change or if it still has a lot of wind to give.

How to know the health of the Apple Watch battery

To know the health of the Apple Watch battery, we will have to consult it directly on the clock. To do this, access the applications menu. Look for the gear, that is, the menu Settings and here scroll to where it says Battery.

The first piece of information that it will offer you is the current charge. Just below you will get another data, which will put Last charge to 100%. This tells us at what time we have removed it from charging or when it has reached 100% for the last time. That is, if you put it to load for a while at noon, but you only reach 70% (for example), it will not appear here.

Go down a little more and you will arrive at the place you are looking for: battery health. Click on it and you will see the option Maximum capacity. The percentage that appears here is the life that your battery has left.

apple watch battery health

If you have it at more than 85% it is a good fact, it will still last a long time. Between 75% and 85% is a correct figure, while if it falls below 75% you will have to consider changing the battery or renewing your smartwatch, since you will surely notice that the autonomy is not as satisfactory as at the beginning.

Can you tell us how much battery health you have? My Apple WatchSeries 5after three and a half years, shows a 84%.

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